10 outdoor toys your toddler needs this summer

We’ve already had some nice days this year, so nice that we’ve even had a little picnic in the playground.

The sun and the nice weather made me think of ways to keep my toddler entertained throughout the summer. Of course we’re going out and we’ll be visiting the playground a lot, but I also want to be able to work in my garden while my daughter is playing and discovering the world. Or have her play with her friends in the garden, while we parents relax.

We don’t have a lot of outdoor toys, only a swing and a slide which require me to stay within arms reach. So we need to buy some toys for her.

When buying toys, I always think about how we can use it, I like toys we can use in more than one way. That way the toy will be interesting for longer and we don’t have to buy a lot of toys.

I’ve made a list of the toys your toddler needs to have so the both of you will have a fun summer.

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Balls in different sizes are great, from a tennis ball to a skippy ball, all are fun to discover and use in games. Your toddler can easily play alone with balls, but she can also play with her siblings or friends.

Some ideas of you can use the balls in games for your toddler are;

   -throwing or rolling the ball over
   -play in the pool

Outdoor toys your toddler needs


A pool doesn’t need to be big for your toddler to have fun with it. A pool is great to let your toddler cool down on the hot summer days, but you can do more with it.
The pool can also be filled with moon sand or balls, Or put pillows in your pool to create a nice reading nook in the shadow.

We have this pool, the hood of the mushroom creates a bit of shade for the little one. The bottom also has air in it so your toddler has a soft place to sit.

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You can use a playing tent or an old tent that you’re not using anymore and set it up for your toddler.
You can put pillows in there to create a reading nook, or fill it with sand and use it as your sandpit. Your toddler is out of the sun and save, you can also close it at night to keep the animals from going in there.

Outdoor toys your toddler needs

Beach toys

You can’t miss a set of beach toys, a little bucket, some shapes, and a shovel are a must. Your toddler can use it in the sandpit, when she plays with water or is helping you in the garden.

Water toys and a sprinkler

If you have a garden, you probably also have a sprinkler. Let your toddler play in the sprinkler when it’s hot, it burns her energy and cools them down. You can also buy a sprinkler that’s made to play with, this one is on my wish list.

Grab your sponges and a bucket of water, your toddler can have a lot of fun pouring water in cups using a sponge. Or you can draw some targets on your path and see if she can hit the middle.


Let them bring some color in the garden with chalk. Draw a path on your driveway for them to bike on, draw a maze or make a track for the toy cars. I bet you can think of even more things to do using chalk.
You can also make a large drawing yourself, for them to color in, they will love making a super sized coloring page.

Outdoor toys your toddler needs

Mud kitchen

Let your toddler play with mud in her own mud kitchen. She can make mud cakes or look for some objects you’ve hidden in the mud. It’s not only fun for them, but they will also learn from it.

You can buy one on Amazon, but if that’s not in your budget you can also make one yourself. Take a look on Pinterest for some nice mud kitchens you can make yourself.


A little bike to ride for when you go for a walk, your toddler will love it. Take one with a handle on the back so you still have the control over your little speed devil.

I also wanted a new stroller, as the one we had was too big and not nice to walk with. When looking on Amazon I saw this buggy/trike and had to buy it. We didn’t walk a lot with it because the weather is bad, but so far I love it. It’s small when folded and we can turn it into a little bike for our girl.

Outdoor toys your toddler needs

Bubble blowing solution

You can already find it in almost every store around here, and it only costs a few cents. Blow some bubbles and have your toddler try to catch them.

You can also use an old fishing net or some rope on sticks to make your bubbles. Or get creative and make your own shapes with pipe cleaners.


It doesn’t matter if you take a big or a small slide, your toddler will be happy with it. Having a small slide is great because your toddler doesn’t have to climb very high and you don’t need a big garden for it.

With these 10 toys, both you and your toddler will have a great summer. Your toddler will have toys to play alone and to play together with her friends or siblings.

Mix the toys for even more fun this summer, put the slide in the pool or under the sprinkle, or use the chalk to draw a pathway for the bike.

Which toys do you already have and which one is on your wish list? Let me know in the comments.

10 outdoor toys your toddler needs

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