15 Finger food and snack ideas for toddlers

Toddlers are growing fast, which means that they need to eat enough. Serving finger food makes this easy and fun, for both toddler and mom.

There are days where I keep it really simple and just put some stuff on a plate. Think about fruit, vegetables, meat and cereal in bite size pieces. My daughter loves this, and really enjoys it.

This isn’t something you want to do every day though, toddlers want some change too. So surprise them with some delicious finger food that you made yourself.

Here are 15 recipes that you can try, I’m sure you’ll find something that both you and your toddler love.

These pepperoni rolls aren’t only delicious, they’re also easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find in every store.

FInger food for toddlers

These pizza pockets are delicious, and I’m sure your toddler will agree.

Instead of making these for your toddler, you can have her help a hand and have her make her own. This way you have a fun activity and some delicious finger food to snack on.

These sweet potato chicken nuggets are like normal chicken nuggets, only much healthier.

 They are some hidden veggies in them. So they’re great if you have a picky eater which should be eating more vegetables.



Finger food for toddlers

These muffins are great for your toddler, they’re healthy and delicious.
This recipe gives you three different flavors so you can change it up.

It’s not only a great snack, but also a great breakfast for on busy mornings as you can freeze them.

Don’t these baked zucchini fries look delicious? I’m sure your toddler would love to snack on them as much as my toddler does.

I live in Germany so you can understand that I had to put pretzels on this list.

These stuffed bunny tail pretzel bites are made with vegan dough so also the vegan moms can snack on these.


These mozzarella sticks are made with vegan mozzarella, and it’s gluten free.

They’re great for a snack during the day or during a movie night with the family.

If your toddler is as crazy for peanut butter as mine, these will be a hit.
 This healthy snack is made with all natural ingredients and without refined sugar.

If you like your air fryer, you’ll like this recipe too.
These air fryer pizza dough balls are delicious and your toddler is going to love them.

They’re also great as a snack for your family movie night.

Finger food for toddlers

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not, I think we can all agree that we want our toddlers to eat more vegetables.
 And these veggie millet bites will help you with that.

You can make them in different shapes to make it extra fun for your toddler. Or to match them with the coming holidays.

These delicious and healthy cookies are made with only three ingredients.

It’s a perfect recipe to make together with your toddler, and you don’t need to worry when they take more than one of these.

finger food for toddlers
Finger food for toddlers

It might sounds crazy to give your already active toddler energy balls, but they’re delicious and healthy.

They’re great for your toddler to take to kindergarten, or to give your school going kids to school.
I also like energy balls for for on the go, as they’re easy to eat without hands getting dirty.

These easy to make cheese crackers are low in carbs and fit into the keto diet.

You only need 3 ingredients to make it and it’ll take you about 15 minutes.
Your toddler can help you make these so you can turn in into a fun activity to spend some quality time together.

Finger food for toddlers

These tiny bagels are perfect for tiny hands and are easy to make.

They’re freezer friendly which means you can make a lot now to enjoy later. Great for the busy or lazy days.


These are pizzas on a stick! I love them, my toddler loves them, and so will your toddler.
These are also fun to put on the table when you have a party.

Which of these finger foods would your toddler like? And which do you like?

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