20 books to read with your toddler

It’s fall, which means that the days get shorter and the evenings longer. Because of all the cold and wet days that are coming, we’ll be spending more time inside (not always a bad thing).

For our family that means that we’ll be reading more books from now on, because we love reading. So it’s time to buy some good books and get cozy under a warm blanket.

I’m happy to say that my two year old also loves to read books by now, which I though wasn’t going to happen at the beginning.
I’ve been looking online for some great books for her as well, and there’s a lot of choice.
My favorite toddler books have nice pictures, not a lot of text on one page (focusing is still hard) or are interactive. I’ve turned my 20 favorite toddler books in a list for you.
Have a look at our most favorite toddler books so you know what to buy for your little one.
20 great books to read with your toddler

This is a fun, interactive book for 2 to 4 year olds. It’s full of questions like ‘is a tomato green or red?’,  and ‘Does a cat say meow or oink?’, let your toddler answer and turn the page to see if she’s right.

A book about a friendly witch and her animal friends. This book has fun rhymes which is something toddlers love. A great book for Halloween, but also for other days.

I love to read this story to my 2 year-old, and she loves to hear it. It doesn’t have a lot of text on a page which is great for their short attention span.

A funny book for two-year olds about going to bed, I’m sure your toddler will love the rhymes and silliness in this book.

Toddlers love to explore things and want to know how everything feels. This great touch and feel book lets your child explore the different textures of the animals.

I’m sure you know the song, but did you know about this book? It’s another interactive book, your toddler can make the wheels on the bus go round, open and shut the doors and have the wipers go swish.

Make learning fun for your toddler with this great picture book. This fun picture book will help you teach your toddler how to count using animals.

We love lift-the-flap books, and this is one of them. A fun interactive book that helps your toddler learn about feelings.

Help your toddler learn the alphabet in a fun way with this book. You can make it interactive by letting your toddler name things that begin with each letter.

A book with big colorful dots which is surely going to keep your toddler entertained. This interactive books has your toddler push the dot, shake the book or tilt it. Follow the directions on each page and have lots of fun together. 

The great story of Alice in wonderland told in a toddler book. Your toddler will love the funny story and colorful drawings in this book.

Having trouble with brushing the teeth of your toddler? Then this fun pop-up book might help you make it easier. Let your toddler imitate the animals in this book who are brushing and flossing their teeth.

Let your toddler open the flaps in this book while you read her the story. This book lets your toddler learn about everything on a farm.

There’s a cute monster in this book. Follow the instruction and let your toddler shake, blow and spin the book to get the monster out.

A book about a troll who lost her best friend, a rat. Follow troll while she looks for her best friend. The story is told with rhymes to keep your little one interested.

Grandma comes to visit in this book. Let your toddler lift the flaps to find out what’s in grandma’s suitcase, in the oven, and more.

A story about a fuzzy duckling who goes for a walk on the farm. A book with easy words, nice drawings and lots of animals to entertain your toddler.

This book about a cute baby hedgehog has a finger puppet! Use the finger puppet to entertain your toddler while you’re reading to her.

A book with beautiful drawings that learn your toddler how different animals sleep. A great book to read before bedtime.

I’m sure that you’ve seen the meme’s of grumpy cat, and I love them. This book is about this grumpy cat, and I’m sure your toddler will love this book as much as everyone loved the meme’s.

I’m sure your toddler will love all of these books, they’re also great to give as a gift for Christmas or a birthday.
Which toddler book do you like the most?

20 great books to read with your toddler
20 great books to read with your toddler

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