20 gifts for two-year-olds under €20,-

The end of this month,  we’ll be celebrating the second birthday of my little monster, the time has been going so fast.

With not even a month left and still no idea what gifts I can buy for my little girl, I really needed to start looking for gifts.
When looking for gifts for my girl, I want it to be used often but also not too expensive (there’s still a party that needs to be paid).

20 gifts for toddlers under 20 euro

I hoped that I could get some gifts for about €20,- and found that you can buy a lot of fun gifts for that amount if you take some time to look around. Here’s a list of the 20 most fun gifts you can buy for under the €20,- so you don’t have to spend a long time searching.
The gifts on this list are fun for both boys and girls, and they’re also good for the development of your toddler.

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Balance boards can be really expensive, but I’ve been able to find one that you can buy for under the €20,-. This balance board also has a marble maze on it for even more hours of fun.

All toddlers love a play kitchen, unfortunately they can be really expensive and I know not everyone has the money for that. This little kitchen set is really cheap, it doesn’t even cost you €13,- and it’s small and easy to store.

Playing with a farm is good for the imagination and helps toddlers recognize animals that live on a farm. This soft farm has no sharp pieces and your toddler can cuddle with the animals,and the farm can be used to store and transport it.

My girl loves to help me clean the house, but she keeps touching my expensive vacuum cleaner. To make her stop doing that I want to give her this cute toy vacuum cleaner. This toy vacuum cleaner looks just like a real one and has a vacuum function. Do make sure to let your toddler use it under supervision. 

Wooden blocks are a great toy for toddlers, not only is this an educational toy but it’s also good for the environment. Your toddler can use them to create shapes or just to build a tower and knock it over (my daughter loves knocking over the towers I build).

Books are great and a good gift for toddlers. This pack has a lot of books and it will give you and your toddler a lot of fun reading time together. You could of course also give your toddler a library card for even more fun reading time together.

These magnetic blocks are amazing, you can make some of the shapes the show, learn how magnets work and a lot more. The favorite thing of my two year old is to slide them over the ground and see how many will stick to each other.
The description says it’s for toddlers from 3 years old, but my daughter plays with them every day.

This set of 10 sensory balls is amazing for your toddler to explore. Try to massage your toddler with them or roll them over the floor together, or just look while they explore them by themselves.

This set contains of 30 parts and is great to play alone or together with a friend or sibling.

I love this tunnel and so will your toddler, I’m sure they will have hours of fun with it. It’s easy to fold and put away and can be connected to a tent or ball pit.

A chalkboard will be fun for your toddler for years to come, they can make a nice art piece on it or learn how to write their name. This chalkboard comes on an easel and also has a white board on the back and is magnetic, so triple the fun.

One of those fun toys that can cost a lot of money, but this car is available for under €20,-. Your child can drive around the house, the garden and even the neighborhood. We’ve also taken the car of my daughter to the park to feed the duckies, she loves her car.

If mama or papa likes to work in the garden, the toddler will like it too. My girl has one of these great garden tool sets to help me out and to work in her own little garden.  It will help your toddler learn about nature and will turn them into a nature lover.
When you don’t know how to let your toddler help out in the garden you can take a look at this post I made a while back.

Puzzles are great for your toddler, it’s a great toy for them to be busy on their own or do together with you. These animal puzzles have bright colors and cute animal shapes.

My daughter loves water and loves to go in bath, I’m well aware that most parents aren’t that lucky though. There are a lot of toddlers that hate going in bath, making bath time hard for mom and dad. This bath toy is going to change that, it will make bath time fun for your toddler and a lot easier for mom and dad.

Stacking toys can be used in many ways, making it a great toy to have and to give. These stacking cups are really fun as they have cute sea creature shapes, the holes in the bottom make them also a fun toy to use in bath. 

A baby doll is great for imaginary play, your toddler can now pretend to be a papa or a mama and take care of their own little baby. This gift is especially great if your toddler is going to have a little baby brother or sister as they can now take care of a baby just like mama does.
This baby doll comes with different accessories like a bottle and a diaper so your toddler can be busy for hours.
Rather have a baby girl? Try this cute baby girl

Playing pretend is important for toddlers, and this doctor kit will be great for that. The set is made from wood and comes with a suitcase for easy storage, let your toddler play with friends or pretend their teddy bear is sick.

A bead maze is great for the fine motor skills and this bead maze is also a pull along toy.  When pulled it also makes a clicking sounds when the wheels turn to attract the attention of your toddler.

Looking at how the cars go down the track is really fascinating for your toddler and great for their hand eye coordination. This racing track has 5 tiers and a parking on the top to park the cars so you don’t loose them.

Finding a great gift for a two year old for only €20,- isn’t easy, but it is possible, and this list makes it a lot easier for you. Share this post on your social media to give your friends and families ideas of what to buy for your (almost) two year old.

20 gifts under 20 euro for two year olds

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