30 day declutter challenge

Does your home always look cluttered? Then you probably have too much stuff in your home.
Most of the stuff in our homes isn’t even used, so it’s a big waste of space.

Let’s do a 30 day declutter challenge together so our homes look and feel better.
If you’re up to this challenge then download the free printable at the bottom of this page and let’s get started.

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30 day declutter challenge

Day 1 - Books

The first day we’re going to take a look at the books we have. Look through them and toss the books you don’t want to read again, what about the books you didn’t read? Are you still planning to read them?
If don’t want to throw the books away, donate the books, that way someone can still read them.

Day 2 - Make-up and care products

Throw out all the old make-up, you can’t use them anymore anyway. I’m sure you also have more care products than you need, so sort those too. You can either toss the ones you don’t use or make sure you use them before you buy any new care products.

Day 3 - Desk

My desk has a lot of clutter in and on it, today we’re going to declutter this area. Start with the things that are on your desk, do you really use them everyday?
Throw away empty pens, broken pencils and old receipts. Then finally put the papers on the place they belong. You can get a nice paper organize system here on Amazon.

Day 4 - Shoes

Collect all the shoes that you have at home, all of them ( I know this can be a lot for some of you). Now you start with tossing all the shoes that are broken and worn out, I’m sure you’re not going to wear them anymore.
Now you look at every pair you have and think about when you would wear them. If you think you’re going to wear them you save them, if not, donate them.

Day 5 - Craft supplies

If you like to craft, you’ll probably have a lot of crafting supplies. Today it’s time to organize those, and toss every thing you don’t need anymore. Maybe there are also some glues that are over date, hardened clay or other crafting supplies that you can’t use anymore.
Do your children like to craft as well? Then also take a look at their crafting supplies, toss those old glue sticks, dried out paints and hard paint brushes.

Day 6 - DVDs and CD's

Take all the DVDs and CD’s that you can find, and put them back in the cover where they belong. Donate the ones you’re never going to watch again and toss the ones with a lot of scratches.

Day 7 - Artwork from your children

When you have children, you have a lot of artwork, especially when they’re in school. Take your time to take a picture of all of them before you toss them (wait until they’re gone).  You’ll want to save the memories, not the clutter.
Now make an email for your children and send the pictures of their artworks to that email, you can add the dates they made it, where they made it, and maybe something more. This will be great for them when they’re adults.

Day 8 - Night stand

Is your night stand cluttered? Then today is the day to do something about that.
Take everything out, yes everything. Now only put back the things that you really need, and maybe a decor piece or two.  You’ll probably don’t need much more than a charger, alarm clock and a book.

Day 9 - Emails

Today you can sit at your computer, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to do any work.
Today it’s time to look through those 100s of emails that are in your inbox. Make some folders for emails that you want/need to save, and delete the rest.
Make sure to unsubscribe from all the newsletters that you don’t read, that way your inbox doesn’t fill up that fast.

Day 10 - Pantry

Time to organize your pantry, grab the bin so you can toss all the foods that are passed the due date. Make a list of all the product that you have left after you decluttered your pantry, you can use this for your next meal plan.

Day 11 - Toys

Birthdays and holidays make sure your house is full of toys, and I’m sure that there are toys that you don’t need to have in your home anymore.
Toss all the toys that are broken or incomplete, donate all the toys that your children have double or don’t play with anymore.

Day 12 - Magazines and newspaper

Are you one of those people that keep all the magazines and newspapers? Then today is the day to toss them, or use them for crafting if you like to do that, just don’t save them all.

Day 13 - Medicine cabinet

Time to declutter your medicine cabinet, so the next time you need that nose spray, you can actually find it.
Look at the dates of all of the medicine and get rid of the ones that are past the due date, you really shouldn’t be using them anymore.

Day 14 - Hallway closet

The hallway closet is a dumping place for jackets, shoes and bags. Get everything out and only hang back what you really use, the rest can be either donated or tossed.

Day 15 - Clothes

Day 15, time to get all your clothes out of the closet. You probably have more then you think and you might even see clothing pieces that you didn’t know you had.
Everything that is broken can be tossed, after that you hang back the clothes that you really wear. Donate the clothes that you don’t wear so someone else can be happy with them.

Day 16 - Tupperware

Match all the tupperware containers with the lids, the lids and containers that don’t have a matching lid can be tossed. Now that you have that done, you have a lot more space in your tupperware drawer.

Day 17 - Cleaning supplies

I don’t know about you, but the cabinet with my cleaning supplies is a mess, so today it’s time to clean that out. First, empty that cabinet and look at what you all have, do you really need to buy more?
I have a lot of half full bottles standing there that I need to use, and I’m probably going to find some lost sponges while decluttering this cabinet.

Day 18 - Car

Time to declutter the car, it’s not a driving storage you know? We again start with emptying it out, then we clean it and only put back what we really need.If you have kids, you probable need a lot of stuff in your car, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to look cluttered. There are a lot of ways you can organize your car, and this backseat organizer is one of them.

Day 19 - Fridge / freezer

Today your fridge and freezer will be decluttered, Toss what’s overdate and write down anything that you put back in your fridge and freezer. When you write it down you make sure you’re not going to forget about those things and you can use this list for you next meal plan.

Day 20 - Junk drawer

If you have more than one junk drawer (like me), pick one to declutter today.

Day 21 - Tools

Today we’re going to declutter our tools, and with that I also mean the garden tools. Which tools are rusted, or broken, can we fix them or do we need to replace these tools?
Make sure to give everything a home so we can easily find it when we need them.

Day 22 - Phone

Another day where we can just sit down, isn’t that great? Lets start with deleting all the apps you don’t use, they’re only taking in space on your phone. Next, take a look through your album, sort the photos into folders and delete the ones that are blurry, double, or not needed anymore. You might want to print a few as well, and this is the time to do so.
When you are done with decluttering your phone, make sure to make a back-up.

Day 23 - Decoration

I love decoration, and I love to buy it, but I don’t need all of it. Let’s declutter and throw out all the decoration that’s broken and what we just don’t really like anymore.

Day 24 - Jewelry

You probably have some single earrings, necklaces you don’t wear and rings you forgot about. Toss those single earrings and lets donate the jewelry that we don’t need anymore.

Day 25 - Games and puzzles

All puzzles and games with missing pieces can go, we can’t play those anymore. Donate all the games and puzzles that have been collecting dust, maybe someone else is happier with them.

Day 26 - Glasses and mugs

How many have you been able to collect over the years? And will you need them all at the same time? If not, then donate them, there are people that could really use them. Also, toss the ones that are broken, even if they just have a little crack.

Day 27 - Cables and chargers

Everyone has a collection of cables and chargers somewhere. Chargers of phones we don’t have anymore can be tossed, broken cables and cables we have no need for anymore can go as well.

Day 28 - Children's clothes

All clothes that are broken or have stains that can’t be removed can go in the bin. The clothes that are too small can be donated, let’s make someone else happy while we declutter our homes.

Day 29 - Belts, scarves and bags

We really don’t need all of them ladies, so lets get rid of some. The first ones you get rid off are the ones that are broken and just don’t look good anymore. Then you’re going to think about which ones you want to wear/use, those are the only ones that can stay. The ones that are left will be the ones to donate.

Day 30 - Linen closet

This closet probably looks like a tornado went through, have you been able to find some linens that you don’t even remember you had?
You really don’t need everything you have in there, save two sheets, blankets and duvet covers for each bed. One is on the bed while the other one is in the laundry, you really don’t need more of them. So pick out your favorites and bring away the rest of them.

How was your declutter journey? If you made it, your house will look a lot better right now, and it will also be a lot easier to clean without all that clutter.
So how did you feel about getting rid of so many things? Let me know in the comments below, I want to hear all about it.

30 day declutter challenge
30 day declutter challenge

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