5 things I want first time moms to know

Being a first time mom is life changing and comes with a lot of stress. There’s so much information to read, decisions to make and there’s a lot to prepare. It can all be overwhelming and it’s a time of stress.

Then there are the people who come to give you advice which you didn’t ask for (most of the time it’s even bad advice). “Great, all those people who think you need their advice.”
You’ll start comparing your baby to other babies and that might make you worry about your babies development.

There are a lot of things to worry and stress about but there are also things you shouldn’t stress about. It’s time to stop stressing about these things, stop the guilt you’re feeling and enjoy your new life.

You’re not going to be a perfect mom, and that’s okay

There isn’t such a thing as the perfect mom, so why would you try? There will always be people who think you should do it different, no matter what you do, but you should do it the way you think is good.
The comments of people can make you angry, or worse, they can make you doubt yourself. Try to ignore those comments, and if they keep coming from the same person it’s time to ignore those people ( for a while).
You’ll also have days where your house is a mess or you just want to lay on the couch and binge watch your favorite netflix show. Those days will come and go and they don’t make you a bad mom.
As long as your baby is healthy and happy you’re doing just fine.

It’s okay to ask for help

I know, it’s hard to ask for help, and it’s hard to accept help, but please do it! Next time someone asks you if they can help you, say yes, there’s no need for you to do it all alone.
You’ll feel better when you get some help and the one who’s helping you will also feel better.

You’re not a bad mom for leaving your baby with a babysitter.

Oh the comments I heard when I told people that I would leave my baby with a babysitter so me and my husband could get some well deserved time with the two of us.
But you know, it’s actually good to do this. While the two of you can work on your relation, your baby can build her social skills.
I’m not saying that you should still go to the club every weekend now that you’re a mom, but you can still go on that romantic dinner for two every now and then.

Don’t stress over milestones

Every baby is different and develops at their own pace. Your baby might be a little later with crawling but is earlier with saying mama, don’t worry about this. Your pediatrician will let you know when it’s really time to worry and if you are really worried you should call your pediatrician, not ask a facebook group.

Stop worrying about your postpartum body

Your body has been working hard the past 9 months to change and grow a little human, so how can you expect it to change back overnight?
Why would you even want that to happen? This is the body that made that little miracle that’s in your arms now.
You can choose to work hard to get back in shape now or you do it later, whatever you choose is fine, don’t let peoples comments hurt you.

I hope you’ll take this advice and start relaxing a bit more. Stop worrying about what others say start looking at the positive things in your life as a first time mom.

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