6 easy ways to stay organized

Is your kid late for school again because you couldn’t find that one shoe? Can’t remember when the next doctor’s appointment is or are you running around the house each morning looking for your keys?

Then this post is something for you. Here are 6 easy ways to help you get and stay organized.

When you want to get organized but your house is a mess, it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Well, you have to start somewhere.
In this post I tell you about the ways I stay organized, they’re all easy and even fun things to do (how fun is it when you can find your keys without running a marathon).

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Start a bullet journal

You probably already know what a bullet journal is so I’m not going to say much about this.
I use a bullet journal where I can see my whole week and month at a glance. I use it to keep track of appointments, event, to-do’s, habits and my meal planner. Everything I need to see each day/week is in one place.

If you don’t have a bullet journal you can buy one here, this bullet journal is available in gold, silver and copper.

Calendar app

Besides a bullet journal I also use an app on my phone, that way I don’t have to carry my bullet journal around and my husband can also access and change things in the app. I use the app Cozi, besides a calendar you can also put birthdays, to-do’s and your grocery list in there. When my husband adds something I even get an email notification so I know something has changed.

The app cozi is free to use but you can also buy extra options, I use the paid version so I don’t know if all the options I mentioned are also available in the free version


Our stack with mail and other papers can get out of hand quickly with all the bills, subscriptions and junk mail we receive.
Once a week I spend some time organizing it, junk mail goes straight into the paper trash and the papers we don’t have to save get shredded.
The papers we need to save get organized in binders, so they’re easy to find when we need them.

Get some of these beautiful binders and start organizing your papers


If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of recipes, some in books and others on a Pinterest board, probably also some loose papers with recipes on them laying around somewhere.
Grab a notebook and write down all those recipes in one place, that way you will know where you put the recipe of that sparerib rub your family loves. Put the notebook at the place where you do your meal planning so you can easily take a look at it when you need some inspiration.

You could also make a special Pinterest board to keep them together, scan in the ones you have on paper, too.

When you want a notebook to use for your recipes I recommend you this beautiful one, it holds your recipes together with a binder which makes it easy to add recipes where you want and organize them.

Containers and baskets

When you want to organize your house you need a lot of containers with lids and baskets to put stuff in. They are great for organizing toys, crafting supplies, batteries and a lot more.
In my house you find them everywhere and I can’t have enough of them, since I organize everything in containers it’s so easy to find what I need. You’ll also notice that you can fit more stuff in your closets when you use containers.

Wall shelf for your keys

Keep your keys and wallets where you see them in the morning or on the way out so you don’t have to go search for them last minute.
Hang this beautiful wall organizer near your door so you won’t forget where you put your keys and wallet. You can also sort out the incoming and outgoing mail in there so you’re not going to forget about that birthday card you need to send out.

I’m sure that with these tips it’s going to be easy for you to stay organized.
I’d love to hear if you have other tips to stay organized.

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