8 activities to entertain your toddler at home

Entertaining a toddler at home can be hard, you have to keep thinking of ideas that you can do and you don’t want them to spend the whole day in front of a screen. The rainy weather we’ve had the last weeks has kept us inside most of the time so we had a lot of time indoors. There are some simple but fun activities you can do at home with the stuff you have laying around the house, so why not use them?

Here are 8 fun activities you can do to keep your toddler entertained at home.

Build a fort!

This is an old one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! Grab some blankets, chairs and pillows and build a fort with your toddler. Building the fort is fun but also after that they will have a lot of fun with it. Grab some snacks and have a picnic in your fort while you watch a movie.

Make sensory balloons

This is an easy one but your toddler will love it, let them guess what is in the balloons. Take some balloons, fill them with rice or beans and you’re done. Instead of rice or beans you could also fill one with sugar, small rocks, split peas or maybe you know something else.

Make an obstacle course

One way of dealing with the energy your toddler has is by making an indoor obstacle course, it does take you a little time to put the stuff down and clean it up when the kids are done but they will do all the running and jumping.

You can use pillows to jump on, let them crawl under a table or walk on a line you made with masking tape. Not only do you already have everything at home but you can make it as hard as you like, so it’s also fun to do with the smaller humans.

Do a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt inside can be a lot of fun and it doesn’t take a lot of work to set it up. Write down some clues on pieces of paper and hide them in your house, you can save the clues and use them again later. Instead of writing a clue down you could also use a picture and cut it in pieces, then the kids need to do a puzzle to know where the next clue is.

As a treasure you can simply put some snacks and a drink in a basket, maybe add a movie, the kids will love this and it can take up the whole afternoon if they watch the movie they just found.

Paint the bathtub

This is something I still want to do with my daughter, I’m sure she will love it and it sounds like it’s easy to wash off. You can make bathtub paint yourself with just a few ingredients, go here to get the recipe

Napkins in a tissue box

This one is especially great for the younger toddlers, they love to pull the napkins out and push them back in there. I took some scrap fabric I had laying around and made some cloth napkins myself, I also had an old tissue box so it didn’t cost me anything.

Make music

Making music together with your toddler is a lot of fun and doesn’t take a lot of preparation. Take the strainer, some food containers, wooden spoons and you can start.
If you want more instruments you can fill up an old soda bottle with beans or wrap some rubber bands around a plastic plate.

Bake together

Baking together is a lot of fun for your toddler and for you, the cleaning up takes a while but the time spent baking together is worth it. Baking cupcakes or cookies means they don’t have to be around anything hot and it can be done at the kitchen table. Let them mix the flour and milk together and have them decorate their cookie or cupcake.

With these tips rainy days are going to be fun for you and your toddler. What activities do you like to do with you toddler?

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