Activities to do at home with your toddler

A lot of people are now stuck at home with their toddlers. In the beginning this might not be a problem, but after a while it can get boring.

And toddlers that are bored, are not fun at all. You’ll have to keep thinking of new activities to do, but that can be hard.

Are you also stuck at home with your toddler? And you don’t know what activities you can do with them anymore?

Then this list of activities will help you fill that time.


Indoor activities for you and your toddler

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Play games

Playing games is great to do with the whole family, you can finally get those old board games out of the closet and teach your toddler how to play them. Card games are of course a lot of fun as well, and there are some easy card games that you can teach your toddler.


This is a perfect time to teach your toddler how to cook, and I’m sure she’ll love to help you with it. Of course you’re not going to let her touch the hot pans and pots. But you can have your toddler add herbs and spices, cut soft foods and stir things, so use this extra time to create a love for cooking.


If you have an oven you can bake (and decorate) cookies or cupcakes together. Toddlers love to do this and make sure to share some photos with your family member so they too can say how good of a job your little one did.

Call with the grandparents

When your little one isn’t able to visit their grandparents, calling them is a great option. Both your little one and the grandparents will love to talk to each other. Maybe the grandparents even have WhatsApp on their phone so they can see each other.

Build a fort

Who hasn’t build a fort as a kid? Grab the blankets, pillows and chairs and build a fort in your living room.

Watch movies or documentaries

When you have your fort standing, get inside and watch a movie together. If you like something more educational, a documentary is a great option, you can watch a lot of them for free online.

Do some yoga

If you like yoga, then get your toddler involved as well. It’s great for their body and if they like it, you found something you can do together on a regular basis.

Get creative

Drawing, painting, crafting, get creative together and make something. It’s almost Easter, so you could make some Easter crafts together. Or get spring in house by making some nice flower crafts.

Grow a garden

If you have a garden, this is perfect for you, make sure to take food/flowers that grow fast so your toddler doesn’t loose their patience.
Even if you don’t have a garden, there are flowers and foods that you can grow in containers.

Play with play dough

Which toddler doesn’t like to play with play dough? Give them some and they’ll be busy for a while, this way you can catch some breath.

Sensory bins

Make a sensory bin for your toddler, there are lots of examples on the internet for if you don’t know how to make some. These bins can be put away and be used more often, so it’s really worth the time and effort you spend to make one.

Read together

Reading is important and by doing it together you will also turn your little toddler into a bookworm. This is great for when you’re cuddled up together under a warm blanket.
Here’s a list of fun books to read with your toddler.

Bath time fun

Let your toddler have some extra bath time fun, give them bath paint, have a bubble bath, or make a theme bath for them.
I love to do this when I want to clean the bathroom, my toddler is happy and I can clean the bathroom in peace.

Indoor bowling

You don’t need to buy a special bowling set for this, just grab some empty bottles or soda cans and you can start. You can use any ball you have at home as well, and I’m sure your toddler will have a lot of fun doing this.

Watch the birds

Put some birdseed outside and watch the birds together. Maybe you can identify some birds together and teach your little one about the different birds that visit your garden.
You can order one of these window bird feeders to get see the birds from close by.

Activities for at home

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