Calm your toddler down before bedtime

Toddlers are active and full of energy, which is great to see. But this can make bedtime a stressful moment for a lot of parents (me included). 

To make bedtime less stressful, it’s good to have a bedtime routine, but that alone doesn’t help all parents. If you have a bedtime routine set up, but your little one still can’t sleep, then this might help you.

During the day you need to make sure to do activities to burn the energy your toddler has. There are a lot of activities that you can do to burn your toddlers energy.

Calm down your toddler

But before bedtime, it’s important to calm your little one down by doing calm activities.
The first step to make this happen is to turn off the TV and all other electronics as those things will keep your toddler awake. But doing that alone isn’t going to help, you need to help your toddler to get calm.

Here are some of the things you can do in the evening to get your toddler to calm down before it’s bedtime.

1. Coloring

Coloring is a great activity to get your toddler to stop running around and focus on one thing. Get your toddler a nice coloring book, you can buy one like this from Amazon or get one at your favorite discount store.

2. Go for a walk

Go outside and get some fresh air with the whole family, you’ll notice that your little one will love this. My girl know that we always go for a walk after dinner and is always looking forward to this moment.
So go discover the neighborhood, visit the park or look at the goats around the corner.

3. Read a book

Read a book together, this isn’t only a good activity to get your child to sit down. It helps your toddlers development in a lot of ways and you get some quality time together.
In this post you’ll find a lot of great books to read with your toddler.

4. Talk about the day

Every day when I bring my daughter to bed we talk about the day. We talk about the things we did that day and the things she learned (toddlers learn a lot in a day). I also make sure to mention the things she did that make me proud to be her mommy.
This doesn’t only help your toddler to calm down, but it also give us some quality time together and hearing the compliments make my girl feel proud.
This doesn’t take long so it’s easy to include in the bedtime routine you already have.

5. Yoga

Yoga can be done as a family, so it’s good for family bonding too. It also helps your little one with her balance and strength.
If you want to do this but don’t know where to start, look on YouTube for toddler yoga, there are a lot of videos to choose from.

6. Take a bath

A warm bath is calming for every one, no matter how old (young) you are. Turn on some soothing music or talk about the day when your little one is in bath.
Also try this bedtime bubble bath, the lavender smell is great and your toddler will enjoy the bubbles.

Which of these tips helped you the most to make bedtime less stressful?
If you have another tip to help us calm our toddlers down before bedtime, make sure to leave a comment.

Calm down toddler
Calm down toddler

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