Pictures of children on social media

Pictures of children on social media, I love to see them. But I also see a lot of pictures of children on social media that I don’t like.
As you might have noticed, there aren’t many pictures only that show my daughters face. In fact, I only made one post with her face on Instagram this week.
My husband and I have decided to keep her off the internet, at least her face. We did this for many reasons, which I will tell you more about later in this post.

We made this decision when I was still pregnant with our sweet girl, we talked a lot about it during this time.  This was about the privacy of our daughter and it’s something we needed to agree on.

Which pictures should you not post on social media

There are a lot of reasons to not post your pictures online, and I’m going to share the once that I think are important. These are the reasons why I’ve decided to not post any pictures before she turned two years old (which is still too young for a lot of people).

Dangerous people

There are a lot of dangerous people online, and I didn’t want any baby pictures of my girl to get in the hands of one of these people.
Even with privacy setting set as tight as possible on Facebook, one of the pictures of my baby (with face) got shared publicly. I got shocked the moment I saw it, and right away called that person to take that photo off of her profile. She’s family of me, and knew that I didn’t want any picture of my girl to be public. She still didn’t see any harm in making it her profile picture though. I’m happy to say it was offline in 3 hours, but not after a lot of strangers had seen the picture.
She might not be the dangerous people who I’m talking about, but I don’t know her friends, so I have no idea what kind of people get to see it on her profile.


We, the parents, are in charge of protecting the privacy of our children. They’re  not old enough to know what privacy is, or to know what pictures are going to harm them.
We need to think about their privacy now, and how the things we share will affect them in the future.

Think about every picture  before you hit the upload picture and ask yourself how it could impact their life now and in the future.

Childrens pictures on social media

Photo's that might harm them in the future

Think about pictures of your child in the bathtub, naked, or in a bikini. These might seem cute now, but there are dangerous people out there who could use these pictures in a way we don’t want to.
Also other embarrassing pictures that might seem cute now, but not so much when they go around on the high school your child is attending. Kids are mean, and when a bully gets their hands on a picture that will embarrass your child, they will share it.
Some pictures might even harm them when they’re trying to look for a job, we all know that searching for someone online is done in no time. Think really hard about what you post and how it will affect them in the future.
Now I’m starting to post the face of my girl, I think with every picture about how I would feel if it would be me. Believe me when I say that I’d rather not share a picture of my naked butt or of how my face is covered in food.


Giving away a location

Never share a picture that could give away a location that’s near you. Not of where they play, live or go to school. This is again against dangerous people, we don’t know who’s on the other side of the internet or what intentions they have.
I’m even careful with this on my private Facebook account, only my closest friends know where I live and I want it to stay that way. 
Leave out landmarks, school names, location tagging, full names, names of their sport clubs, or anything else that might give a location away.

Share it!

We all know how easy people make a picture of their children and post it online, even when your child is on it. Tell your friends, family, school, and every place your child comes that you don’t want your child online. They can crop your child out of the photo or place an emoticon over their face, which isn’t difficult these days.
Even now I have started to share my girl, with her face, online, it’s privilege of my husband and me.  I don’t want anyone else to put a picture of her online, and I make sure everyone knows that.

Childrens pictures on social media

Also make sure to ask permission yourself when uploading a picture of someone else’s child, this is what you want right? If I would ever think about sharing a picture with other people one it, I will ask them if it’s okay, I even ask my husband if I can upload a picture where he’s on.

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