Chores your 2-year-old can do or help with

Giving your 2-year-old chores to do is a great way to teach responsibility and you also give them the independence they want to have.

You might think that a 2-year-old is too young to help around the house. But you’ll be surprised with how many things these little ones can do.

Of course you shouldn’t expect things to be done perfect, just do it over when your toddler isn’t looking.

When your little one is doing a chore, make sure to give compliments. This way they’ll feel proud of themselves and will have fun doing the chores. 

Here’s a list of chores that your toddler can do, or help you with.

Make their own bed

Have your toddler make their own bed in the morning, not only will their bed look neat, but you’re also helping your toddler create a good habit.

Clean up toys

My girl has to  put her toys away when she’s done playing with it. This teaches her that you need to put away what you use and it makes it a lot easier to clean the room for me.

Put plate on the table/counter

Let your toddler put her own plate and fork on the table before dinner (not with food on it). After dinner, you can tell your little one to put their plate and fork on the counter.

Help put groceries away

This is one of the chores my daughter loves the most. Every week after groceries she’ll help us put the groceries away, and she puts the cans of cat food away herself as she can reach the place they belong.
This does mean that you’ll see me running through the kitchen from the fridge to the cabinet and back, but she loves to help me with it.

Help clean own room

Let your toddler help you clean their room, they can easily help with dusting and sweeping the floor, get them an own broom for this.
Don’t expect that it’s going to be perfect, and do expect to do it over when their not watching. This is to teach them that they need to help out and keep their room clean, you can’t expect a young child to do it perfect.

Move clothes to the dryer

Sometimes when the laundry machine is done, my girl helps me move the clothes to the dryer. It does take a bit longer for it to be done, but she feels really proud when she did it.

Match socks

If your little one likes to help doing the laundry, you can ask her to match the socks for you.

Pull weeds and water plants

If you have a garden, this is a great chore to give to your toddler. Watering is a chore for us, but it’s a lot of fun for toddlers. When pulling weeds, show them one type of weed and tell them to pull all of those out, that way you don’t have to be afraid that your toddler pulls out your plants.
Helping out in the garden isn’t only a chore, it’s also a great way to teach your little one about nature. If you want to know more ways to involve your toddler in the garden, then take a look at this post.

Chores 2yo
Chores 2yo

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