Christmas bucket list for toddlers

It’s already almost December, which means that it’s almost Christmas.
Christmas is a time for being together with your family and making memories, and doing fun things is how we do that.

This bucket list for toddlers has 20 fun things to do during the Christmas month. You can do these things as a family, but you can of course also use them to spend some quality time with your favorite toddler.

You can make your own bucket list and use these things as inspiration. But you can also print the free printable and hang it on your fridge, that way you can check off what you’ve done.

Christmas bucket list for toddlers

Here are the fun things that are on my Christmas bucket list for toddlers

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1. Decorate a Christmas tree

What’s more fun than decorating a Christmas tree? I’m getting my daughter her own little tree, and her own (save) decorations to put in her tree.

If you rather don’t have your toddler playing with a Christmas tree (they will), then you can choose for a felt Christmas tree that you can put on your wall or on a door.

Christmas bucket list

2. Visit a Christmas market

Visiting a Christmas market is a must, looking at the beautiful lights, listening to the Christmas carols and looking at all the beautiful decoration.

3. Make bird feed hangers

This is fun and easy to do, just mix some jello with birdseed and put them in cookie cutters to harden. I use these to decorate an outside Christmas tree so the birds can also celebrate a bit of Christmas with us.
Looking at all the birds that are visiting and eating from these hangers is also very interesting for your little one.

4. Go sledding/ice skating

I love ice skating and want to take my daughter this December to go ice skating as well, it will be a lot of fun to see your toddler on ice skates.

5. Build a snowman

If it has been snowing outside, you can build a snowman together and decorate it with an old hat and scarf. If you don’t have snow this year, or live in a place where it never snows, you might think that you can’t build a snowman. But have you thought about making a snowman from play dough? This can also be a lot of fun, and you can even keep them inside without them melting.

6. Watch a Christmas movie

It’s time to get out the Christmas movies again, add some delicious snacks and have a family evening.

7. Make a wish list for Santa

You can write a letter or make a wish list to send to Santa. I know that most toddlers can read or write yet, but they can look at pictures, so cut out some pictures from the commercial leaves you receive and let your toddler stick them on a piece of paper. That way you’ll also know what your toddler would like to receive for Christmas.

8. Bake Christmas cookies

You can let your toddler help to make the dough, or you can give them some dough that you prepared. After baking you can of course also decorate them together.

Christmas bucket list

9. Make snow angels

Another outdoor activity, because winter is no reason to stay inside everyday.

10. Hang up Christmas stockings

Does your toddler already have her own Christmas stocking? Hang them up together while listening to some Christmas music.

11. Make Christmas cards

You can draw them, paint them, or use some stickers. Let your toddler make a card for everyone you know.

12. Deliver Christmas cards to all the neighbors

When you finished to Christmas cards and they’re dry, you still need to deliver them. Walk around the neighborhood with your toddler to give a card to all the neighbors.

13. Make Christmas ornaments

Make your very own Christmas ornaments to hang in the tree or in front of the window. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest so have a look for inspiration.

14. Read a Christmas story

Read a Christmas book together, here’s a fun toddler book with rhymes you can read together.

15. Sing Christmas carols

Does your toddler also like to sing? Then singing some Christmas carols will be a lot of fun for them.

16. Buy Christmas decoration

If you still want to buy some Christmas decoration, your toddler would love to come with you. Even if you’re not planning to buy something, it’s still a lot of fun to see what the stores have this year.

17. Look at the Christmas decoration in the neighborhood

Take your toddler on a drive through the neighborhood to see how other people have decorated their houses and gardens. This is especially fun when it’s dark outside and you can see all the lights.

18. Have a Christmas photoshoot

You don’t need to hire a photographer or have a fancy camera for this one, really. Grab the Christmas shirts and hats, decorate each other with ornaments and Christmas garlands and make some pictures.
It’s a lot of fun to decorate each other like this, and you’ll have some fun pictures to show your family and friends.

19. Go to a Christmas show

Are their any Christmas shows where you live? Then it’ll be a fun day out for you and your toddler. We will make sure to have a look at one, and end the day with some warm chocolate milk.

20. Make a Christmas drawing on the windows

Use some window markers to make some nice Christmas drawings on your windows, draw a Christmas tree, a snowman or Santa for the whole neighborhood to look at.

Christmas bucket list for toddlers

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