13 DIY Halloween costumes for your toddler

Are you looking for a cute DIY Halloween costume idea for your toddler? Then you’ll love this list of 13 DIY Halloween costume ideas for toddler. There are also some no-sew costumes in there for the people who can’t sew, so there’s definitely a costume on this list that you can make for your toddler.

DIY costumes to sew

Most of the costumes don’t require a lot of sewing, so don’t be scared to try them if you’re not great at sewing.


These DIY batwings from My poppet makes are easy to make and they show you how you can use them for 3 costume ideas. Take a look at their site to see this one DIY costume to create these three costumes.


Do you have a baby shark fan at home? Then your toddler will love this DIY baby shark costume for your toddler. This post also shows you how to make a papa shark and mama shark costume so you can all go as sharks.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

Over at meatballmom you’ll find the DIY for this adorable chicken costume. It looks like it cozy and warm when paired with some thick leggings and shoes, ideal for when it’s a bit colder where you live.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

I used to be a big fan of the teenage mutant ninja turtles and wish I would’ve had this costume as a kid. If you and your toddler also love the show, I’m sure you can’t resist these costumes. Have a look  on sew simple home to see how to make them.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

Two more great costumes from sew simple home that remind me of when I was young. These woody and Jessy costumes are great for when you have a boy and a girl and they look really cute.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

Does you boy love super heros?  Then take a look at this great captain America costume at Oh, the things we’ll make!

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

I placed this cat in the hat costume with costumes to sow, but the only sowing you’ll need to do is for the hat. If you would buy the hat, you don’t have to sow at all.
The costumes for thing 1 and thing 2 are also there, so great for if you have three little kids. Have a look at mission to save to see how to create these adorable costumes.

DIY no-sew costumes for toddlers

If you can’t sew, or just don’t want to sew, then take a look at these no-sew costumes to make for your toddler.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

Have a look at this cute little unicorn, she looks adorable in this DIY costume. Over at small stuff counts you’ll see how to make this fluffy tutu and the headband for your toddler.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

In this post from where the smiles have been you’ll read how you can make this cute scarecrow costume for your toddler.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

Turn your toddler into a scary (but still cute) little monster with this DIY Frankenstein costume from mommy’s bundle.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

In this post from mission to save you’ll find the DIY to turn your toddler into a cute little bee. The costume isn’t only easy to make but it also looks like it’ll keep your little one nice and warm.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

This skeleton costume glows in the dark, and which toddler doesn’t love that? If you want to make this skeleton costume have a look at this post from the Kriegers.

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

I know a lot of toddlers love super hero’s, but super villains can be cute too. Turn your girl into the villain Poison Ivy with this DIY from mission to save.  If your girl would rather be a cute fairy instead of a super villain, you just need to add some wings to it.

Which of these 13 DIY Halloween costumes are you going to make for your toddler?

2 thoughts on “13 DIY Halloween costumes for your toddler”

  1. Minda I Centsandfamily says:

    It’s that time of year to start thinking of costumes! I always leave it to the last minute and with 3 kids it gets stressful! Will come back to this post!

  2. Adriane Thompson says:

    These are all so cute! I made an owl costume for my toddler last year so he could be Hedwig and my older son was Harry Potter. I did all the feathers like the chicken costume you posted. Toddlers in costumes are always so cute!

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