DIY Valentines decoration

I love to decorate, and take every chance I get. Valentines day is one of those opportunities to (re)decorate my home.

These DIY Valentines decorations will help you and your house to get ready for this romantic day. Click on the title or on the picture to go to the blog and learn how to make them.

Use these links to go the the DIYs you want to make.

Valentines garlands

This beautiful banner is made using fabric scraps. So if you have some scrap fabric left over from your sewing products, this is for you.

Download the free template to get started on your own unique garland.

This paper heart garland is made from old book pages, it’s simple and beautiful.

If you like to use colors in your home, then this is for you. Make it from colorful paper scraps that you have left over from your other DIY projects.

If you love llama’s, then you’ll love this DIY. Go to Tikkido to download the free printable llama and see how to make this garland.

Made with colorful hearts and wooden beads.

Don’t throw your old newspapers away, instead, make this beautiful garland for in your home.

I love to use burlap to decorate my home, I don’t know why, it’s just a beautiful material.
This bunting is made with burlap, and stamped with potatoes.

This printable be-mine banner looks great on your mantle.


This wreath is made with beautiful red burlap, perfect for Valentines day. It’s personalized with a beautiful monogram with the initials of the couple.

This loop yarn wreath looks fluffy and cute, so if that’s your thing then this is the wreath for you.

If you like a more rustic look, then you’ll love this DIY.
It’s simple and natural look makes it fit great it almost any room.

If you think it’s not enough to have a wreath on your door and your mantle. You need to make these mini Valentines wreaths, they look great on your kitchen cabinets as you see on this picture.

This fluffy double sided wreath is perfect to hang in front of your windows. It will look good when you look from the inside and the outside.

Wall decoration

For all the origami lovers out here, have a look at this beautiful origami heart wall hanging.

If you love wine, then you’ll probably have enough wine corks. Instead of just storing them somewhere, or throwing them out. Try to make this beautiful heart to get your home ready for Valentine’s day.

A combination of rustic and natural pieces with some soft and colorful twine.
If you love signs, then you need this one in your home for Valentines day.

If you don’t have the time do make anything anymore, you can make your house more romantic with this free printable ‘love is’ subway art.

This beautiful barn quilt is made from wood, so no need to sew. If you’re not good with tools, ask your husband to make this for you.

I love the bright color on the inside and the fresh white on the outside. This heart, made from pvc pipes, fits perfect in a modern home.

A heart hanger with a cut out of a tree.

Bring a bit of nature in your home by making this canvas. This heart is made from twigs, which you can probably find in your garden.

Driftwood is beautiful and I see it used more and more in homes. Here they made a beautiful heart from driftwood, perfect for your beach themed home.

This beautiful flower heart is made from pine cones, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves flowers.

Want something that lights up your home? Then have a look on how to make this string art neon heart sign.

Give your old sweaters a second chance by turning them into this beautiful heart.

More DIY Valentines decoration

These curtain ties are beautiful for Valentines day, but I think they can be left on your curtains all year.

These love bug wine glasses are perfect for your dinner for two at home.

Don’t these giant conversation hearts look delicious? They’re not to eat, but they will add some color to your home.

How cute are these little felt hearts?

Hang them on the wall, make a Valentines mobile, or stick them in a Valentines card. How are you going to use these tissue paper hearts?

One door hanger, two sides. Great for the people who (just like me) like to keep on changing their decor.

Make these pine cone roses to add to your Valentines decor. And since they’ll never wilt, you can enjoy them for a long time.

Make these beautiful picture frames for your loved ones.
In this post you see how her little one helped to make these, which is great to see. You can also let your toddler help you to make these even more special, it’s also a great fine motor activity (look here for more fine motor activities)

Use these colorful paper hearts individually or make a whole set of them.

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