DIY wreath for almost no money

I have a bunch of twigs standing in a tall vase and my husband keeps complaining about them. He keeps asking when I finally move them or if he can throw them away (he can’t throw them away).

I’ve been keeping those branches in my home since last fall, they’re leftovers from another project. I wasn’t planning on getting rid of them, I knew I would need them for something.

Today was the day that I knew what I wanted to use them for, a wreath. I only have one wreath so far and want more for a while already. I just think that they’re pricey and am not ready to spend that money for a wreath.

I was thinking about how I could make a wreath, as cheap as possible and best would be if I wouldn’t have to leave the house. I’m going to use the branches to make a wreath, it’s easy, I promise you.

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The materials for your wreath

I started off with cutting my branches into smaller pieces. For the first few I used a cutting scissor because it was near me, but I got the jigsaw pretty fast. With the jigsaw I could do it faster and got nicer cuts.

I sorted them on thickness and length so it would be easier to build my wreath and I could save the nice pieces for on top.

Start making your wreath

I searched around the house for something round that I could use to build the wreath around. I found a small flower pot which had the perfect size for the wreath I wanted to make.

Now lay down the first twigs, take the sturdiest you have so the base of the wreath will be sturdy.
In the time I was doing this I had my hot glue gun warming up, that way I could go on without having to wait.

I glued the sticks together and made sure there was no glue on the flower pot. The flowerpot was meant to help me keep the wreath round and on the size.
Now grab a few sticks and lay them down on your wreath, move them around until you’re happy with where it’s laying. Glue them on their place and go on until your wreath is the right size and is nice and full.

Wreath made from branches
This is how my wreath looked when I had all the sticks glued together.

I still have some leftovers but think that my wreath is big and full enough.
I wanted to decorate my wreath and used some materials for it which you can find in the forest as well.

The finished wreath

I kept it simple and used some of this beautiful moss and a branch with little pineapples still on it. It was a surprise for me that I found this in the forest in February, it was a happy surprise though!

Moss and pineapples on my DIY wreath

And here is how my wreath looks when it was finished, I’m happy with the result. I used a burlap ribbon to hang it up in my living room.

Besides the glue and ribbon, this wreath was free to make.

I was short on materials so I took a bit extra when we went for a walk in the forest, but you don’t really need that much.

If you have trees in your yard, you’re lucky, because you don’t have to leave the house at all. Just have a look in the garden and see what you can all find there. Else you can go with your kids to the forest and have them burn some energy helping you look for materials.

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