Easy to grow plants for kids

Kids love to dig in the dirt, so why not teach them how to grow plants while they do what they love.

Teaching kids about nature is important and you don’t even need to leave your home to do it.
Families who have a garden are really lucky, but you can also grow plants in pots. So no matter how much space you have, you can do this with your children.

Give your children a piece of your garden (or some pots) and have a look for some seeds.

It’s best to start with plants that are easy to grow as children love to see results.

Easy to grow plants

I’ve made a list of plants that are easy to grow and take care of. There are vegetables, herbs and flowers on this list, so there’s also something in there that you and your kids can grow.
You can find the seeds of these plants at your local plant store, but for easy ordering them, I’ve put the links down here too.
If you want to order the seeds online, you can click on the name and you’ll be taken to Amazon where you can order these seeds.

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Radishes are really easy and perfect to start with. They also grow fast which is great for little children as they love to see results fast.

Potatoes are also easy and your children will love to dig in the dirt to search for them.

Who doesn’t like pumpkins? Maybe you don’t like to eat them, but they’re still great to decorate your house with and to make lanterns for Halloween. Our favorite pumpkin is the Atlantic Giant because they can grow really big. They do need a lot of space though, so this might not be for the people that don’t have a lot of space.

Cherry tomato plants are easy to care for and the tomatoes are delicious. If you have a tomato lover like I have, you definitely want one or two of these.

Lettuce is also easy and fast to grow, perfect for the salads when you have a BBQ.


Mint is really easy and you have different kinds of mint to enjoy. They do like to take over your garden so it’s best to grow them in pots.

Who doesn’t like some fresh basil with their pasta? Basil also has different varieties with all a different flavor and look.

Lemon balm is a sort of mint, which means that they love to take over your garden as well, so it’s best to keep them in a pot. But they smell great and are great to make tea with or put in your glass of water.

I have to say that I never tried to grow rosemary from seeds and I’ve heard that it isn’t that easy to do. But they are easy to take care of and are delicious in stews , soups and potato dishes. You could buy a small plant somewhere for your little one to take care of, I’m sure they’ll love it as it’s so easy to do.

Oregano is germinates slow, and it’s a lot easier to grow these from a cutting. Maybe you know someone who could give you a cutting or else you can buy it as a small plant.


Who doesn’t love sunflowers? They’re big and they’re bright and will make every garden look better.
You can make this into a competition if your children like competitions and see who grows the biggest sunflower. When it’s fall, you can watch how the birds enjoy the seeds from the sunflower.

Marigold plants are beautiful and they don’t grown big. Children will love the beautiful and bright flowers it has.

It takes a while before you see flowers on a cosmos, but when they come, they will give you a lot of flowers. These flowers are great to cut and put in a glass of water on the dining table.

I love four o’clocks, not only because they’re easy to grow but also because they get so many flowers and you have multiple colors. They also give a lot of seeds so you only need to buy the seeds once, then you just collect them from the plants you have for next year.

Morning glory is a climber, so they’ll love to climb on your fence or on a trellis. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this plants, but it does seed itself out which means you can expect them back next year.

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