Fall activities for you and your active toddler

I’ve been looking online for fall activities that I can do with my toddler, but most of what I see is crafts. I would love to craft with my toddler but she isn’t the type to sit still for longer than 10 seconds.
When you have an active toddler like I do, you’re not crafting a lot. Some toddlers just don’t have the patience for it and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’ve been thinking about what you can do with your toddler when they’re so active, and let me tell you, there are enough things you can do together.
Here’s a list of fall activities you can do together with your active toddler.

Rake fall leaves

If you have trees in your garden, you need to rake leaves, so why not involve your toddler? It’s a lot of fun to do, they learn to help you with tasks and it burns a lot of energy.
When all the leaves are raked and their energy level is still really high, go jump in the piles you made. Sure, you have to rake them together again, but it’s a lot of fun to do.

Fall scavenger hunt

Go to the park or a forest if you don’t have a big garden (or just want to get away from home for a while). Let your toddler run around and have them collect fall pieces in a little bucket

If you take the fall pieces home, you can create a nature table so your toddler can have even more fun with it. Not only will they have fun with it, you can also teach them about the objects that you found together.

Fall activities for you and your active toddler

Go apple picking

If you have an apple tree in the garden, you’re lucky. If you don’t, you can probably find a place nearby where you can take your toddler to go apple picking.
You can use the apples to bake a delicious apple pie together, or make some fresh (and healthy) apple sauce.

Collect leaves for a fall garland

Okay, this is still crafting which your toddler might not have the patience for. But after you’ve been running around in the forest for a while to search for leaves, you might have burned enough energy to make a small garland together.
Hang the garland on the mantle or in front of the window so everyone can see what your little one made, they’ll feel so proud that their artwork hangs in the living room.

Make a scarecrow

I know, I know, this is again a craft. But when your toddler needs all her energy to stuff straw into one of their old jeans, she doesn’t have to sit still.  My girl had to use both arms to pick up the straw and push it in the clothes that she doesn’t fit anymore, she had a lot of fun and it did make her (a bit) tired.
One advice here, do it outside as you don’t want the straw flying through the house. I made the mistake of doing it in the living room and I regret it.

Head over to the store with your little one and find some nice spring bulbs for your garden. Your toddler can do all of the work here, dig the holes, put the bulbs in there and close the holes up. Depending on how many bulbs you buy, this can take up a whole afternoon, so no time to be bored.
In the spring your little one will see all of the nice flowers she planted, I’m sure she’ll love to be reminded of how good of a job she did.

Make a bonfire in the garden

When the days are getting colder, it’s nice to warm up at a little bonfire.  Collect some wood together and use it to make your bonfire, the searching will burn some energy and the flames of the bonfire will be great to watch. Get the marshmallows out and enjoy some s’mores together.

Visit a corn maze

Visit a corn maze and let your toddler lead the way. They’ll have fun being the boss for a while and I’m sure they’ll burn some energy that day.

Throw some pine cones

Grab some large bowls or buckets and the pine cones that you found during the scavenger hunt. Put the buckets on a row and use some painters tape to make a line on the floor, how many pine cones can your toddler throw in the buckets?

Jump in puddles

Were we live,fall means rain. But rain doesn’t mean you have to stay inside, put on those rain boots and jump in all the puddles you can find. Don’t go too far from home when it’s cold or take some spare pants and socks with you so your toddler doesn’t get too cold on the way home.
If you don’t like to get wet, you can take an umbrella with you or just wait until it stopped raining.

Fall activities for you and your active toddler
Fall activities for you and your active toddler
Fall activities for you and your active toddler

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