Fine motor activities for toddlers

Fine motor activities are important for the development of our children. They’ll need it later in life for things like writing, feeding themselves and buttoning up clothes.

Doing fine motor activities  will help them develop these skills in a fun way.

Here are some great fine motor activities to help your toddler learn in a fun way.

There are thing you already have at home to do these activities. Like your strainer, measuring cups, an orange and spaghetti.

Other things you might need to buy, which you can do in the Dollar store or use the links to Amazon.

On the right you see everything you might need to buy, the rest you’ll probably already have at home.

Now you have everything you that’s on the shopping list, it’s time to do some activities.

I do one fine motor activity a day with my toddler, this way she’ll practice a bit every day.

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Peel off tape

Grab some washi tape and tape it layered on a window or a table. Your toddler will have a lot of fun peeling it off.

Pompom push

With an old container and some pompoms you can create a fun activity for your little one.  Make some holes in an empty pringles container and let your toddler push the pompoms in ir.

Water bead scooping

Water beads are great to play with for toddlers. Put some in a container and give it together with some spoons to your little one.

Card drop

The old playing cards that you have laying around are perfect for this activity. Instead of making holes in a container you make a slid in it so your toddler can drop the cards in it.

Weaving with yarn

For this you’ll need some yarn and toilet paper rolls. Cut the rolls in halve and stick them to a door (or anything else(. Let your toddler weave the yarn through these rolls.
If you want to make it a little harder, you can write numbers on the rolls and have your little one weave by number.

Peel an orange

I think this is the easiest to prepare, all you need to do is give your toddler an orange and have her peel it.

When she’s done peeling it, she’ll have a delicious and healthy snack to enjoy.

Fine motor activity

Paste stickers

Pasting stickers on something is a lot of fun for toddlers, and there’s not much you need to prepare. A paper and some stickers can keep your little one busy for a long time.

Stacking blocks

Have your toddler build a tower with blocks, or books, or cups. It helps them with more than just fine motor, it also helps them practice hand eye coordination, patience and logical thinking.

Hairbands on a pencil

You know those little hairbands? Besides using them in your hair, you can also use it for a fine motor activity.
Put some play dough on the table and stick a pencil in it, your toddler can now put the little hair bands on the pencil.

Spaghetti in a strainer

Let your toddler stick dry spaghetti in a strainer that’s upside down, it’s cheap and can be a lot of fun for the little ones.

Play with play dough or slime

This is great for sensory and fine motor play, it can get a bit messy but that doesn’t matter. You can find a recipe and try to make your own or buy some play doh, it’s not expensive and you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with it if you store it good.

Contact paper yarn

Use some scotch tape (or washi tape) to stick contact paper to the wall, sticky side out of course. Cut some yarn in different lengths and stick them on the contact paper, your toddler can help you with that. Then you let her peel all the yarn off and collect it in a bowl or container.
You can make this activity more challenging by using different colors of yarn and bowls for color matching.

Fine motor activities

Threading beads

Toddlers love to make a necklace for mom, and these large beads are perfect for that. It’s great for fine motor and their hand eye coordination.

Screwing bottle caps

Cut the tops off of some empty bottles and use hot glue to glue them to a board. Have your toddler screw  the caps on and off. If you’re afraid of losing the caps, make a little hole in them and use yarn to tie them to the bottle tops.

Drawing or coloring

Holding a pen and tracing shapes or coloring is a great fine motor activity and gives you some nice pieces of art for on the fridge or in the play room.

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