8 Fun and romantic date night ideas for at home

Need some date night ideas for at home? Then this post is for you. Here are 8 fun and romantic date night ideas for at home.

I love date nights and I love to stay at home, so date nights at home are perfect for me. The idea of going out and socializing with others just doesn’t sound as good as staying at home and spending some quality time together.

Having a date night at home also means that you don’t need a babysitter, so money saved on that.

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You can have a romantic picnic in your backyard, you’ll just need a picnic blanket, some sandwiches and enough wine or beer. Here’s a cheap, waterproof picnic blanket, but any blanket will do if it’s dry outside.

Look up when the next meteor shower is and plan your night picnic on that day, nothing more romantic than watching a meteor shower together. (Or have your picnic at sunset.)

Night at the fire

No stars in the sky? Light up your fire pit, grab some marshmallows and make a romantic night at the fire.

We do this a lot in the summer, sometimes with friends but also often when we’re alone.

When I don’t have marshmallows at home, or I’m just not in the mood for something sweet, I make hotdogs, jacket potatoes or something else that can be prepared in the fire.

Chocolate fondue

When the weather outside is bad and you rather stay inside (or if you don’t have a garden), another romantic date is having a chocolate fundue at home.

You’ll need some chocolate (here you can buy fondue chocolate), different kinds of fruit, cake and a fondue.

How much food you need depends on how much you eat.

Movie night

Cuddling under a blanket with your favorite Netflix movie or series, that sounds like a great evening to me.

Order a pizza so you don’t have to cook, or enjoy some popcorn together.

When you have a tv in the bedroom, you can also watch in bed together, that’s what we like to do. I make something to eat, mostly a mix of whatever I can think of at that moment (deviled eggs, sandwiches, cheese, small meatballs).

Game night

Invite some friends over and play board games together, make sure there’s enough food and wine and you’ll have a great evening together.

Of course you can also have a game night together, there are enough games you can do with the two of you (the winner gets a massage tonight!).

Not a fan of board games? Having a game night on the PS can be just as much fun!

Bubble bath

If you have a bathtub at home, this one is for you.
Fill up the bathtub and light some candles around it, you’ll also need some romantic background music and wine for a relaxing and romantic evening.

Want to make the evening last a little longer? Move with the candles and music to the bedroom and give each other a relaxing massage.

Cook together

You can choose to make your favorite recipe together or try a recipe that you have pinned but never tried before.

Also fun; go separate to the store and buy three ingredients (you’re not allowed to know what the other bought). Try to make a dinner from the 6 ingredients you now have, all ingredients must be used!
Keep in mind that you might fail and have to order a pizza.

Candlelight dinner

Light up some candles and eat the meal you just made together. Turn on some romantic background music and pour in some wine.
You can also order some food from your favorite take-out restaurant and enjoy the evening without having to cook.

These are 8 of my favorite date nights for at home for a fun and romantic evening with your husband.
Have another idea for a date night at home? Comment it below, I would love to hear it.

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