Gross motor activities for toddlers

Gross motor skills are important for everyday life, we need it for walking, getting dresses, sports, and more. Gross motor play strengthens the muscles and builds confidence of young children. So it’s important to develop these skills from young on. And doing Gross motor play every day will help a lot with this.

Now it’s cold and rainy outside, we all rather stay inside and this makes it harder to think of fun gross motor activities. But there are still a lot of gross motor activities we can do while we’re stuck inside.

I’m going to give you some examples of fun games to help your toddler develop gross motor skills in a fun way. These activities aren’t only good for their gross motor skills, they’ll also burn your toddlers energy.

Jump over tape

Use paper tape to make some lines on the floor, and let your toddler jump over them. This is really easy to prepare and your toddler will love doing it.
Young toddlers will have a hard time jumping, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not having fun with it.

Gross motor activities

Ball toss

Stack some plastic cups in a pyramid shape and let your toddler throw them over using a (soft) ball.


You can use paper tape lines, a rolled up towel, or a small beam for this. Just lay it on the floor and let your toddler try to walk from one side to the other side, it’s challenging but great for their balance.


If you like yoga yourself, it’s a great idea to let your toddler join in and spend some time together. Pick some simple yoga poses for this, or look on YouTube for yoga for toddlers.


Use paper tape to make a bowling lane on the floor and set up some empty bottles to use as bowling pins. Al you need now is a ball (and maybe some music). If you want to make sure the ball isn’t going all over the place, you can use some pool noodles or rolled up towels and use them as the edges of the lane.
This is a great activity to do with siblings, or even with the whole family, so it’s great to bond together.

Bottle soccer

This is the same as bowling, only now you let your toddler kick against the ball to kick over the bottles.

Paper spiderweb

This one is best done in a small room, like a hallway. Cut some long strips of crepe paper and tape them to the walls on both sides. Now let your toddler try to climb through the web from one side through another, my daughter still tries to crawl under everything but stepping over it will come later.

When she was done playing, I had her pull everything off and she loved to do that too.

Gross motor activities

Sensory path

Use different kinds of materials to make a sensory path, your toddler can run over this, or jump from one material to another. This is great for gross motor, and for sensory play, so it’s a two in one activity.
When making a path like this you can use any material you want, think about different kinds of fabrics, pebbles, pompoms, or a piece of fake grass.

Balloon tennis

Blow up a balloon (and a spare one), and grab a fly swatter for your toddler. How long can your toddler keep the balloon high?

Obstacle course

Obstacle courses are fun and challenging for kids of all ages, use different activities from this list to make an obstacle course. Do think about what your toddler can and can’t do, you don’t want to make it too hard for them.

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