Homemade cleaners to clean your home

We all want a clean home, but the cleaners we buy at the stores are full of chemicals and toxins. 
When you make your own cleaning products, you avoid the use of those toxins in your home, which is good for the environment and your children. 

Homemade cleaners aren’t only a good way to avoid the use of chemicals and toxins, they’re also a lot cheaper than the store bought cleaners. 

Cleaners for your kitchen

For me, the kitchen is an important place, it’s where we prepare our food after all. I rather don’t use any chemicals near my food, and these homemade cleaners help me to do this.


The bathroom is a room to relax in, and we can relax better knowing that it’s cleaned without toxins.

Homemade cleaners


Living room

Clean your carpet, hardwood floors and tables using these natural homemade cleaners.

Homemade cleaners

Other cleaners

Did you make a natural homemade cleaner that works for you? And do you want me to add it to this list? Then leave it in the comments and I’ll make sure to add it.

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