How to declutter your home in 5 simple steps

I love stuff that’s pretty or that smells good, I used to buy those pretty things without knowing what I would do with it. It resulted in my home being cluttered and I was searching all over the place to find stuff.

But I don’t like a cluttered home where I can’t find what I need. So I started to organize my home one room at a time, now I know where everything is.
Now I know where everything is and there’s no pretty stuff just laying around my home.

I still sometimes buy pretty or good smelling things, so clutter is still coming in my home. I also sometimes get a little present from someone and also for those things it’s hard to find a spot.

That’s why I have to keep decluttering my home regularly. I always follow these 5 simple steps and it works great for me.

Here are the 5 steps I always use to declutter my home and keep it organized.

1. Empty out

To declutter your home good and fast it’s best to empty out all of your closets, boxes and anything else that you use to store stuff in
This will create a lot of chaos at first bit it’s really the best approach to decluttering.

Because of this, it’s best not to do your whole house at ones, take one room to start with. If you would empty everything out in your whole house it’ll look like a hurricane past through your home, which will not help your motivation at all.
Another reason to do it one room at a time is that you will still need space to work. You can’t work when everything is full of your stuff.

Grab yourself 4 big boxes and a marker, use the marker to name your boxes. Each box gets its own name; keep, donate, toss and doubting.
Now put the boxes on a row where they’re in your reach and you’re ready to go on to the next step.

2. The big question; when are you going to use it

Now you have set up your space and took all of your stuff out, you’re ready.
Take a look at each individual piece, that way you’ll see everything you have.
When looking at a piece, I always ask myself some questions about it. These questions will help me decide in which box I should put it.

Questions you should ask yourself about each piece are; When are you going to use/wear it next?
Is it broken? And, would I want to buy it if I would see it in the store next.

If a piece is broken it’s really simple, you toss it because why would you keep broken stuff.
If I wouldn’t want to buy it now I either toss or donate it. The same goes for stuff that I’m probably not going to use again, there’s no reason to keep it. Except for my wedding dress, I know I’ll never use it again but I do keep it.

For some pieces I’m not sure if I want to keep it or toss it, that’s when I put it in the box I named doubting.
I will store this box in the attic for a year, everything that didn’t leave the box within that year gets donated.

3. Donate or store what you have too much

Have a look at your glasses and silverware, leave do you really need 12 of each in your kitchen? Unless you have a big family or have a lot of people coming over for dinner every week, you don’t need it. You might want to save them for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays which you celebrate with the whole family, but they don’t need to be in your kitchen year round. Wrap them up and store them with your other holiday stuff, you’ll have more space in your kitchen and less dirty dishes.

The same goes in your bathroom, how much shampoos do you have? The chance is big you have a small collection cluttering your bathroom vanity.
There’s no need to throw them away, but use these before you buy more. From then on, only buy one of each and make sure the bottle is empty before you buy new.

4. Crafts and drawings of your kids

I know you love everything your kids make and you would love to keep them as a memory. But there are so many of them and there are more on their way. You can’t save everything your kid made unless you have a room left over somewhere.
Here is what you can do. You save the drawings and crafts you like most, frame their drawings and give the crafts a nice spot in your house.

Make a picture of all the other drawings and crafts, then toss the drawings and crafts away.
You can now either save the pictures on a USB stick with your kid’s name on it, or you make an email for them where you’ll send the pictures to.
This can be a nice gift for their 18th birthday and you have a clean and clutter-free home.

5. Give everything a home

Now it’s time for the last step. You now have 4 boxes in front of you (or more depending on how much stuff you have). Start out with the boxes of stuff to toss and to donate, bring it away today. Don’t procrastinate here because then the chance is big that a part of the junk finds it’s way back to you.
The stuff you want to keep now needs a home, that way you know where all your stuff is and it looks organized. Use storage boxes to keep small stuff together and easy to grab, you can use translucent boxes so you can see what’s in the box or hang a tag on the storage boxes.

Write the date on the box you named doubting and put it in your attic so it’s not in your way. In a year you’ll take the box down and toss or donate whatever is still in there.

Sometimes you do want to keep stuff that you barely use (or not at all) and that’s okay, it might be stuff that has emotional value to you. You don’t have to toss these things, but do make sure that they get a home so they’re not in your way.

I’m sure that these 5 steps will help you organize every room in your home. Keep making sure that everything in your home has it’s own place and your home will stay free of clutter.

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