Milestones 2-year-olds

It’s important to know the milestones of our little ones, that way we know if our child is on track. But remember that not every child is the same, some might be behind on a few milestones and that’s okay.

Your little one has learned a lot in the past two years, and this year will come with new milestones,. Your toddler will be more and more independent and can tell your what she wants.
In this post I’ll tell you about what you can expect from your toddler this coming year, and what toys will help your toddler to reach these milestones.

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Social and emotional

The best way to learn social skills is to play with other children of the same age. Take your two year old to places where other children are playing, play groups are great for this.

Language and communication

It’s important to read and talk a lot with your 2-year-old, this is the best way to learn new words.
Have a look at this post 20 books to read with your toddler. You can also use these flash cards to help your toddler expand their vocabulary.


Milestones 2 year olds

For play pretend a kitchen set or doctors case is great. This shape sorting pull animal will help too, and your toddler will love it.

Fine motor

Simple pen and paper is already a great start, but this block of cheese is also a lot of fun to play with and small enough to take with you. Have a look at this post for some fun fine motor activities for your 2-year-old.

Gross motor

Jumping is a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun when it makes sounds, try a music mat like this to encourage your toddler to jump. If you rather have something that doesn’t make music (I can understand), then a bouncing animal like this is great.

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