Swimming with a toddler, everything you need to know

Swimming is a great activity to do with your toddler. It’ll keep your toddler active and make her feel comfortable in the water.

Some people might have already started swimming with their toddler since she was a baby. But the moms who didn’t might get a bit nervous when thinking about going for the first time.

Read on if you want to be prepared for this fun activity.

Swimming with a toddler

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Benefits of swimming for a toddler

There are a lots of benefits for your toddler when you go swimming regularly. It’s an active sport for which she needs all her muscles.
Your toddler will feel confident in the water which she should be before the real swimming lessons start.

Knowing how to swim and float in the water can also save the life of your toddler, it’s a life skill we all need.
The one on one time you have with your toddler while in the pool is also great for bonding with your toddler.

Swimming essentials for your toddler

When you go to the pool with your toddler, you want to be prepared, so having all the essentials is a must. You don’t need a lot, but you do want to make sure you have everything.
Here’s a list of the essentials you need for your day at the pool.

  • Swimming diaper
    At some pools it might be mandatory for toddlers to have a plastic cover over their swimming diaper
  • ¬†Swim clothing
    When your toddler girl is potty training a bikini is easier than a bathing suit
  • Floating vest or rings
  • Water shoes
    With water shoes on your toddler can walk easier on the slippery floors
  • Towels
  • ¬†Waterproof bag
    To take the wet clothes with you when you go home
Also pack some snacks and drinks if you don’t want to buy something at the pool, swimming costs a lot of energy so your toddler will be hungry.
Swimming with a toddler

Getting used to the water

Your toddler might need some time to get used to the water. You can take some of her bath toys with you to the pool, so she has something she can play with until she’s comfortable.

Important is not to give up, swimming is a life skill that everyone needs. If your toddler doesn’t like to be in the water today, try it again in a week.
You want your toddler to feel comfortable in the water before the real swimming lessons start.


Safety in and around water is really important. You should never leave your child alone near or in the water, it only takes a second for something to go wrong.
When your toddler is used to the water, teach her how she can float on her back and how to use her feet to get forward.

Use a floating vest or floating ring to help your toddler stay above the water. The floating vest you see on the picture still allows your toddler to move, which is great for when she’s learning to swim.
The floors around a swimming pool are wet and very slippery, use water shoes so your toddler doesn’t slip.

If you think I forgot something, please tell me and I’ll make sure to add it.

Swimming with a toddler

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