cActivities for families with toddlers

Family activities for families with toddlers

Doing activities as a family together brings everyone closer to each other and makes happy (childhood) memories. But coming up with new and fun activities to do, can be hard when you have a toddler. A toddler can’t do everything and most of them are exhausted quickly.

Swimming with a toddler

Swimming with a toddler, everything you need to know

Swimming is a great activity to do with your toddler. It’ll keep your toddler active and make her feel comfortable in the water. Some people might have already started swimming with their toddler since she was a baby. But the moms who didn’t might get a bit nervous when thinking about going for the first […]

8 activities to entertain your toddler at home

Entertaining a toddler at home can be hard, you have to keep thinking of ideas that you can do and you don’t want them to spend the whole day in front of a screen. The rainy weather we’ve had the last weeks has kept us inside most of the time so we had a lot […]