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Signs potty training

Signs it’s time for potty training

Potty training at the right time is important to have success, so knowing when to start is important. There’s no specific age for when to start potty training as each child is different. But most children are ready for potty training when they’re around 2

Wooden toys 1yo

Wooden toys for 1 year olds

I love wooden toys, they’re durable, good for the environment and they look good. Not only that, most wooden toys don’t have batteries in them which makes them even better. When toys don’t have batteries in them, you don’t need to worry about leaking batteries.

Fine motor activities for toddlers

Fine motor activities are important for the development of our children. They’ll need it later in life for things like writing, feeding themselves and buttoning up clothes. Doing fine motor activities¬† will help them develop these skills in a fun way. Here are some great

15 Finger food and snack ideas for toddlers

Toddlers are growing fast, which means that they need to eat enough. Serving finger food makes this easy and fun, for both toddler and mom. There are days where I keep it really simple and just put some stuff on a plate. Think about fruit,

Christmas bucket list

Christmas bucket list for toddlers

It’s already almost December, which means that it’s almost Christmas. Christmas is a time for being together with your family and making memories, and doing fun things is how we do that. This bucket list for toddlers has 20 fun things to do during the

Messy activities for toddlers

I love messy activities, which you probably already know if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, follow me here). Toddlers love messy activities too, and they’re not only fun, they’re also good for your toddler. If you do a messy activity with your

20 great books to read with your toddler

20 books to read with your toddler

It’s fall, which means that the days get shorter and the evenings longer. Because of all the cold and wet days that are coming, we’ll be spending more time inside (not always a bad thing). For our family that means that we’ll be reading more

DIY halloween costumes for toddlers

13 DIY Halloween costumes for your toddler

Are you looking for a cute DIY Halloween costume idea for your toddler? Then you’ll love this list of 13 DIY Halloween costume ideas for toddler. There are also some no-sew costumes in there for the people who can’t sew, so there’s definitely a costume

Smartrike Smartfold 600 review

Why I love the Smartfold 600 (review)

The Smartrike 600 is a lightweight and compact foldable trike. The sizes when it’s folded makes it easy to store and leaves space in your trunk for other stuff. Lifting it in and out of the trunk of your car is easy thanks to it’s