What to do outside with your toddler

After sitting inside with your toddler for way too long, the weather is finally getting better. This is great, because toddlers love the go outside (mine loves it a lot).

So now the weather is nice enough to go outside, but what are you going to do with your toddler when you leave the house?

Thinking of things to do can be hard sometimes, I know all about it. And that’s why I created a list of 18 things you can do with your toddler when you want to leave the house.

Outside activities

Feed the duckies

Feeding ducks is fun for toddlers. we have some ducks here in the park that we like to feed.
When you want to feed ducks with your toddler, skip the bread and think about things like lettuce, corn, peas, cooked rice and vegetable peals. Make sure to cut everything small enough for the ducks to eat.

Go to the park or a playground

Which toddler doesn’t like to go there? They have swings, slides, sand and more.
This is a great activity for when you want to burn some of the energy your toddler has.

Visit a library

There are a lot of libraries that organize afternoons or mornings when someone reads for your toddler. Even if your library doesn’t do that, it will be a lot of fun to go there and read some books with your little one.

Go on a hike

If you like to go on hikes, take your toddler on one too. You can both discover paths you haven’t walked before, and take a look at the wildlife there.

Trip to the beach

Collect shells, stones and driftwood to use in a craft later. This is great to get your toddler to spend her energy.

Go to the bakery

One of our favorite activities, going to the bakery. When we go there we share a piece of cake together or we eat a delicious bun while watching the people walk by.

Go to a museum

If you’re lucky enough to live near a children’s museum, you need to go there. Your little one will have a lot to discover there.

Visit a farm

Visit a farm with your toddler, they learn a lot about the animals that live there. It’s a healthy and fun activity which will burn a lot of there energy.

Visit a farmers market

Farmers markets are great, for adults and for toddlers. All the different colors, smells and tastes are a great sensory activity for your little one.

Go gardening

When going outside, the first thing I think about it gardening, and you can let your toddler help you too.
When you involve your toddler in the garden you will teach them about nature and give them a love for gardening which they will keep for the rest of their lives.

Do a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are great for children, and I’m sure your toddler will love it too.
Scavenger hunts can be done every where, at any time of the year, so I’m sure you can do it right now.

Paint the sidewalk

So simple, but also so much fun. Just buy a box of crayons and let your toddler’s fantasy run wild.
You’ll end up with a colorful sidewalk and a happy toddler.

Build an insect house

If you don’t have an insect home in your garden at the moment, you really need to build one. They’re easy and cheap to make and you’ll have a lot of fun while making it.

Bug hunting

Get out and teach your little one about the bugs you find. I know a lot of moms don’t really like the idea of looking for bugs, but your little one will. And if you’re really afraid of bugs, maybe papa wants to go hunting with the kids.


Swimming is a healthy and fun family activity, and it’s great to cool down in the summer heat.

Go to the zoo

The zoo is a great place to learn about the different animals in the world. Maybe they even have your toddler’s favorite animal.

Jump in puddles

Get outside after the rain and jump in all the puddles you can find.

animal shelter

There are a lot of pets in animal shelters who could use an extra hug. Ask at your animal shelter if your little one can play with the cats or if you can walk one of their dogs.

Even though it can be hard to think of things to do, there are enough activities you can do to get you and your toddler out of the house.
Which of these activities sound like the most fun to you?

Outside activities

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