Wooden toys for 1 year olds

I love wooden toys, they’re durable, good for the environment and they look good.
Not only that, most wooden toys don’t have batteries in them which makes them even better. When toys don’t have batteries in them, you don’t need to worry about leaking batteries. And since they don’t make any (annoying) sounds, your child doesn’t get overstimulated and they need to use their imagination.

Do you also love wooden toys and want to buy some? Then have a look at these great wooden toys for your one-year-old.

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Puzzles like these are great for fine motor play, but you can also use them to teach words like cat and cow.

A one-year-old is teething, so they still like to put toys in their mouth. Buy this biting toy for your one-year-old to help him with his discomfort during the teething period.

Your one-year-old will have fun for years with simple wooden blocks. Wooden blocks are an open ended toy, it’s great for their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and their imagination.
These blocks are available in bright colors, pastel colors and plain wood.

Sorting from big to small, or from small to big. Stacking rings are a great toy for your little one. These rings will teach your child the difference between big and small, and help with their hand-eye coordination.

Push toys are great for gross motor play, and this push toy is also an activity center that will keep them busy and practice their fine motor skills.

My girl absolutely loves this toy, and she already has it for over a year. Use the hammer to tap on the balls and hear the sounds, you can also use the parts separate and tap on the xylophone itself to make music.

Learning shapes and practicing fine motor skills, shape sorters are great for small children. Look at this simple but beautiful shape sorter for your little one.

An open ended toy that can be used for a lot of things, make different shapes, stack them, or use them as tunnels for cars. I’m sure your one-year-old will have a lot of fun with this toy.

This wooden toy does make sounds, so it does have a battery and it’s the first wooden toy I see that has that.  But what is a smartphone without sounds?
Every toddler loves to pretend that they’re a little adult, and in these times, you need a smartphone for that.

Threading games are great for fine motor play. And because they’re so small, you can easily put it in the diaper bag to keep your little one entertained on the go.

This walking bike can be build up with 2 or 3 wheels, which makes it great for young children who’s balance isn’t good yet. You can also get it in 5 different colors, so there’s for sure one that your 1-year-old will love.

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