20 gifts for two-year-olds under €20,-

The end of this month,  we’ll be celebrating the second birthday of my little monster, the time has been going so fast. With not even a month left and still no idea what I can buy for my little girl, I really needed to start looking for a gift. When looking for a gift for […]

cActivities for families with toddlers

Family activities for families with toddlers

Doing activities as a family together brings everyone closer to each other and makes happy (childhood) memories. But coming up with new and fun activities to do, can be hard when you have a toddler. A toddler can’t do everything and most of them are exhausted quickly.

Swimming with a toddler

Swimming with a toddler, everything you need to know

Swimming is a great activity to do with your toddler. It’ll keep your toddler active and make her feel comfortable in the water. Some people might have already started swimming with their toddler since she was a baby. But the moms who didn’t might get a bit nervous when thinking about going for the first […]

Involve your toddler ijn gardening

How to involve your toddler in the garden

Spending time outside and being busy in the garden is a great way to spend your time. Your toddler also loves to be outside and discovering everything in your garden. My girl loves digging, pulling weeds and getting dirty, and your toddler probably too. So involving them in gardening is also a great activity for […]

Smartrike Smartfold 600 review

Why I love the Smartfold 600 (review)

The Smartrike 600 is a lightweight and compact foldable trike. The sizes when it’s folded makes it easy to store and leaves space in your trunk for other stuff. Lifting it in and out of the trunk of your car is easy thanks to it’s lightweight (only 9.7 kg). The Smartrike 600 has different functions […]

10 outdoor toys your toddler needs this summer

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’ve already had some nice days this year, so nice that we’ve even had a little picnic in the playground. The sun and the nice weather made me think of ways to keep my toddler entertained throughout the summer. Of course we’re going out and we’ll be visiting the playground […]

DIY marbled Easter eggs

How to make marbled easter eggs

Fun way to paint your Easter eggs fast and easy. I used shaving cream and food coloring to give them this nice marble pattern.  Because of how easy this is, this would also be great to do with children.   Materials Baking tray Shaving cream Food coloring Wooden skewer Paper towels Knife or ruler You […]

DIY wreath for almost no money

I have a bunch of twigs standing in a tall vase and my husband keeps complaining about them. He keeps asking when I finally move them or if he can throw them away (he can’t throw them away). I’ve been keeping those branches in my home since last fall, they’re leftovers from another project. I […]

How to declutter your home in 5 simple steps

I love stuff that’s pretty or that smells good, I used to buy those pretty things without knowing what I would do with it. It resulted in my home being cluttered and I was searching all over the place to find stuff. But I don’t like a cluttered home where I can’t find what I […]

A weeks worth of daily spreads for your bullet journal

I love bullet journals and can look at the beautiful spreads on Instagram and Pinterest the whole dayI love bullet journals so much that I have two. I made for this blog and one for my personal life. I like to plan out my day into detail so I’m all for daily spreads with a […]