It’s the most wonderful time of the year

So, it’s the 30th of November and the THH Christmas tree is up.  That’s precisely two days earlier than it went up last year (as Facebook reliably informed me this morning).  But there’s just something about Christmas when you have kids.  I’m finding it irresistible to get into the Christmas spirit and it seems to be happening earlier every year.

I’ve tried to refine the overall appearance of our tree over the years and have opted for a fairly classic red and white look, which feels very current, and has a strong Nordic flavour.  It can be quite a costly experience to try and remodel it all in one go but about four or five years ago, I started by buying one set of baubles which coordinate well with each other and provide a great base for the tree, from which to tie in a variety of other more unique decorations.  Initially I kept hold of the more neutral decorations I already had but have phased them out as newer additions have joined the collection.

This happy home’s Christmas tree 2015

I don’t take a Christmas tree too seriously.  Whilst I like it to look reasonably well coordinated, there’s also a need to accommodate the wealth of decorations made by the children, from the nursery years’ paper efforts to the hand-stitched felt baubles and salt dough holly leaves that have followed.

What I do like to do is to customise my collection with the addition of maybe one or two new decorations each year.  I often pick up pieces on my travels which then lets me get extra specially sentimental when the tree goes up the following year and I can reminisce about those fun trips.  Last year my husband and I enjoyed a kid-free four day trip to New York in the run up to Christmas, so we came back armed with a set of three NYC-themed decorations. Granted, yellow taxi cabs don’t exactly scream Christmas, but the kids think they’re the best thing since Santa.  The year before I remember buying three gorgeous little red gingham/spotty stockings on New Year’s Eve in Boscastle in Cornwall (right before watching my son go head over heels on his new scooter) and it’s great to be transported back to these memories every time we break out the Christmas paraphernalia from the loft.

These gorgeous little Gisela Graham felt envelopes sit on the tree and the boys put their Christmas lists in – I love reading the previous year’s when we get the tree out. 



About me…

Welcome to my new interiors blog, this happy home.  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll enjoy what you see here and come back often to see what’s new.

So what brought me here?  I’m a 40-something mum to two boys, aged 6 and 8.  By day, I run my own PR consultancy and in any spare time I have day or night, I can often be found scouring shops, magazines and the internet for interesting new home and interiors ideas.  I’m a magpie for beautiful things, especially those with a bit of sparkle and glitter.

My husband and I are just embarking upon our second major home renovation in three years (we must be mad).  I think it’s a bit like having a baby; three years in, you’ve forgotten about the hard work and the sleepless nights and it seems like a good idea to do it all over again.

But this (we hope) is the ‘forever home’, a very pretty white house which captured our hearts even before we’d set foot in it, so I’ll be documenting the journey of our build and renovation for anyone who’s interested in seeing how that turns out.

I’ll also be sharing lots of other interesting and affordable finds – if you’re fickle like me then it makes sense to keep the costs reasonable, so you can update frequently without a guilty conscience.

I’d love to hear any comments you have about the site or anything featured here.


Lidia x