Charcoal & champagne

No, not real champagne, although that’s probably needed, living as we are with plastic over the carpets, mud on the floor and endless surprises every time I open a door in my house and find whole rooms missing from where they once stood.

But all is well. Work is underway and moving at such a pace, it’s already time to start locking down some choices for the finished house.

I’ve spent weeks trying to find the right warm colour for the north facing and light lacking master bedroom. I didn’t for one minute think it was going to be charcoal. But I think it is. Farrow & Ball’s ‘Railings’ seems to have hit the spot. Accents of dusky pink and champagne lend a warm glow. 

Hope you like my mood board… 

Rainy Saturdays and demolition

So, we’re two days away from the first hammer blows of demolition on our White House building project.  Come Monday morning, about a third of the house will be coming down to be replaced with a new and better layout.  All sounds good, right?  Kind of. This is the ever-so-slightly (and by that I mean VERY) daunting phase.  The house is packed up in preparation, the loo is becoming a makeshift laundry room, the dining room is becoming a makeshift kitchen and we already feel like we’re standing on our heads.  And that’s before you throw in the copious amounts of brick dust, mess and general chaos that are going to follow.

Fortunately the kids eat a hot meal at school every day, which is just as well, because I suspect that soon, dinner is going to become a wholly nutritious serving of Dairylea Dunkers and left over chocolate Hobnobs from the builders. Looks like my gym membership will start getting a good workout though – good place to seek warmth, refuge and relative peace as I work.  Who knows, I might even work out every once in a while. Might.

The upside is of all this mayhem is that for once, the kids are being let off the hook about keeping the house tidy and we’ve found a brilliant rainy Saturday activity for them – using up all the redundant tester pots in the soon-to-be demolished garage.  A (strictly) one time only activity.

Every cloud has a ‘Whispering Mist’ lining.