Spend a penny on spending a penny 

Firstly apologies for the decidedly unspeedy fashion in which my posts have been arriving. Turns out that starting a blog right before starting a major renovation…not such a good idea. Work is continuing at a good pace on the extension but the huge amount of choosing and ordering fixtures and fittings, combined with moving things from room to room every week is leaving some pretty jaded faces around here.

But not to be distracted from the job at hand, and certainly not to fall at the final hurdle and just paint everything cream because we’ve ever so slightly had enough of it all, it’s been time to focus our minds on the smallest room in the house, the downstairs loo.

When I brought up the subject of how to decorate the loo with Mr HH, I got a puzzled look and a short and sweet reply of “who cares, it’s a toilet”. I shall take that as carte blanche to unleash my slightly braver self, where I might have had to plan with longevity in mind in the rest of the house.

When you think about it, your loo is actually the room which will have the most captive audience (not to paint too graphic a picture), both the house’s inhabitants and visitors, so why be boring? It may be small, but my loo will most definitely be perfectly formed.

Initially I thought I had it easily sussed. I was completely and utterly set on decking it out in some bright, shiny and pearlescent parrot wallpaper.

But then my nephew took one look at my wallpaper samples and shot those parrots right off their perches by announcing it would look like the flat above the Queen Vic in Eastenders. And so back to the drawing board it was (17 year olds can be so cutting. And honest).

You’ll have to watch this space to see how I integrate my love of shiny things in the end!  But one thing that will be adorning our powder room is this collection of hilariously funny (but quick to read) modern takes on the old Ladybird kids books. My lovely friend bought me one for my birthday and this feels like the perfect way to share the giggles. Don’t worry friends, we won’t be timing your tinkle trips.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of giving your powder room a facelift, chuck out the idea of painting it white and sticking in some functional tiles and check out these gems….

Homeward bound

Just a quick post before we gather ourselves and head home from (mostly) sunny Dubai. We’ve had a lovely break and we return with more than just the normal post-holiday blues. We return with pretty much dread at what we’re coming home to, given we left the builders about to come into our house and start internal demolition while we were away. But with gritted teeth and gritty determination, we’re ready to see through the final few dusty weeks of our major renovation project.

In the meantime, I’ve been hugely enjoying the beautiful architecture and opulent interior stylings here in the Middle East.  

See you on the other side. Here’s hoping for some spring sunshine when we get back.