Beach chic

Whilst the shops are already starting to bring in their autumn/winter collections, I refuse to give up on summer in early August (even though I was sitting watching the drizzle outside as I started writing this post). Fortunately, I was watching the drizzle out of a lovely little sash window (equipped with window seat dressed in seaside tones), overlooking a perfectly sandy surfers beach in Cornwall, whilst enjoying a week away from it all.  The surf, the sand and the sweet little whitewashed cottage we stayed in got me thinking about beach chic.  I loved pottering around the many art shops and galleries in Cornwall, but it’s all too tempting to get carried away in the moment when you’re on holiday and shop up a storm, bringing back a host of beach themed memorabilia. But whilst it looked perfect in its beachside setting, you realise that these things don’t fit quite the same way into a semi in suburbia once you get home.  With that said, injecting a hint of seaside colour or beach materials is the perfect way to keep memories of happy holidays alive, once the sun has gone in and you’re home and back to reality.

On our own home front, it’s been nice to take a week off to decompress from all the building work and renovations which have been mildly stressful (read: VERY STRESSFUL). But we’re almost there, bar snags (I could probably do a whole post on snags – maybe I will). Normality has largely returned to the happy home, if a somewhat hollow normality as we’re still missing  a lot of our belongings and soft furnishings to take the echoes out of the place.  I’ll be back to update on that soon – in the meantime, suffice to say that walking on new carpets after almost 6 months of walking on rubble, nails and broken floorboards is positively dreamy.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer whether you’re home or away – would love to see pics from any of your stylish holiday homes, souvenir finds or days out and about.

Here are my summer hol picks, hope you like them. Clockwise from top left:

  1. Ahoy! whale and octopus trays, £12.00, Magpie
  2. Beach hut blackboard, £19.95,Dorset Gifts
  3. Summer beach vacation art, £95, Norfolk Boy
  4. Beach hut bath mat, £39.99, Coastal Home
  5. Happy place cushion, £13, Sass and Belle
  6. Driftwood heart, £85, Nautilus Driftwood Designs