Christmas is coming….

In fact it feels like Christmas has been coming ever since we blew out the tea lights in the pumpkins and handed out the last of the sweets on Halloween.  Is it me, or is it getting earlier every year? And is it me, or does every single retailer have a gushy Christmas TV ad now? But that’s another story.

It might sound like I’m being a bit bah humbug but far from it actually.  I confess, I’ve been listening to Christmas music in the car ever since I found a dedicated radio station. The kids are apoplectic with excitement about opening the first door on their advent calendars tomorrow morning and I’m just as excited as they are about getting the Christmas tree up and decorating the house the minute the clock strikes December.

One of the things I’m especially excited about is having a proper fireplace to decorate for the first time ever. In fact, I might have spent a slightly disproportionate amount of time examining Christmas garlands everywhere I go. Pre-lit, not lit, snowy, glittery, with holly berries? The choice is endless.

So, having done a huge trawl of the internet for mantlepiece decorating ideas, I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you, in case you also need a spot of inspiration.  My favourite find this year is the pom pom garlands.  If I can get my hands on one in time, you’ll definitely be seeing that in my house somewhere.

Watch this space to see the final look after our festive decorating bonanza this weekend and happy decorating yourself. Please share your pictures, I love seeing other people’s decor.

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