I told you…

…there would be pom poms.

When I wrote my last post about Christmas mantlepieces, I was scratching my head about how I was going to make my Christmas tree with traditional red decorations fit in with my new grey lounge with bright pink chairs.  I am definitely all about the matching and toning – red and pink?  No.

Turns out I needn’t have worried as despite moving to a bigger house with a bigger lounge, we somehow had no room to put the Christmas tree in there (we still can’t quite work that one out).  So the tree has taken pride of place in our open plan kitchen, which makes total sense as we spend most time in there anyway.


But not to forget the lounge, I set to work making it Christmassy in other ways.  There was only one option I could see for tying into the pink and grey and that was to go colourful and kitsch, with a bit of sparkle and shine thrown in.  Check out the mini tabletop tree – multi coloured glittery baubles and matching multi coloured lights too.  That’s right, there are no tasteful warm white twinkling lights here my friends.  Hey, I’ve got two kids under 10, so it’s OK, right?

Whilst I was at it, I added some matching larger glittery baubles to a bowl on the mantlepiece and then went for full on glitter and sparkle with the addition of some mercury dipped candlesticks with white glittery candle wreaths, reindeer (£4 each from Wilko, what a bargain) and my porcelain light up cone trees from last year.  All finished off by them there pom poms.  In fact, they inspired the whole look after I fell in love with them while researching my last post.

OK OK I fibbed a bit, there are some warm white twinkly lights after all.

I then strung a fabulous garland from Gisela Graham (the queen of decorations) across the top of our double doors.  Yes, more glitter, more colour.


Last but not least (and since Christmas is apparently all about the kids), I dug out some long forgotten Christmas Playmobil and got the boys to work creating festive scenes inside my bell jar style lamps from Laura Ashley. I had considered making some tiny snow scenes with little white houses  and galloping reindeer inside the lamps, but honestly it would have been just too tasteful. Nothing says Christmas more than a couple of plastic Santas anyway.

And that’s it.  Important not to go too far, don’t you think? I hope you like my Christmas stylings and your own decorating is going well.


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