The 12 days of Xmas

With just 12 days to go until the big day, I thought I’d share a pick a day with you, offering my favourite finds for every room in the house.

On this, the first day, I’m starting with the garden. Our garden is the most recently renovated part of our home, and although currently in need of some finishing touches, it’s nice to have squeezed in the makeover before Christmas.

We went from this….

…via this…

…to this….

It’s not the world’s biggest garden but our brilliant team of landscapers did an amazing job in adding entertaining space, relaxing space, storage space (what colour to paint the shed that’s waiting to be built?) and (don’t tell the kids) a trampoline space! 

When spring rolls around, we’ll be planting up borders, adding new furniture to our sun deck at the bottom of the garden and also installing some solar lighting. 

I love these solar powered twigs from Not On The High Street, they would add a really pretty detail to any garden, as well as some nice soft, ambient lighting.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second day of Christmas…

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