Day 9: a near miss

At around the time I was supposed to sit down after tidying the playroom yesterday (note previous post), a remote control car battery charging in the kitchen decided to spontaneously combust. I’d popped into the garage for 5 minutes to swap around some Playmobil for the kids and came back inside to find an actual fire blazing in my (6 month old) kitchen, complete with billowing smoke. Absolutely astonishing how much smoke builds up in just a few minutes. Cue panic, shouting and having absolutely no idea where the carefully purchased fire extinguisher was (the fallout of packing up your house twice in a year). What could be worse than that? The clean up, that’s what. There were a few head scratching moments while we tried to figure up where to begin, not just with the smoke charred walls, cupboards and floor but with millions of pieces of molten plastic that had scattered (and then welded themselves to) every nearby surface when the battery exploded.

To cut a long story short, armed with countless j-cloths, tea towels, a paint scraper and a bottle of hob cleaner (our magical abrasive saviour), two hours later, order was restored. With the exception of two wooden blinds, everything miraculously survived largely unscathed, thankfully including the large pile of Christmas presents that sat just a few feet away. Five more minutes and things could have been very different. We certainly won’t be charging any more hefty batteries indoors again, and urge you to follow the same advice.

With the public health and safety warning out of the way, onto what should have been yesterday’s pick: the dining room. What used to be January sales have now turned into pre-Xmas sales so now is a good time to update any jaded crockery collections with this Atkinson 12-piece dinner set, currently enjoying a 30% discount at Habitat. In my very favourite colour, this will make you feel sunny on the most dismal of winter days.

I’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on today’s pick. We were a little busy with Father Christmas today…

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