The home strait: days 10,11 and 12

The shopping is done, the table is laid, the veggies are peeled, desserts have been whipped up and the VERY EXCITED children are (almost) in bed.



There are definitely footsteps and sniggers to be heard in the general direction of upstairs – personally I’m just hoping they sleep until 7am before jumping on us with their sacks of Santa presents. Fat chance.

So now it’s time to settle in for our final picks of the 12 days of Christmas.  Tonight I bring you days 10, 11 and 12: the living room, the study and the hallway.  One of my favourite home stores of the moment is Oliver Bonas. They have such stylish home accessories, in very cool colours with a mix of the latest looks in woods, metals and stone. And they literally have something for every room. So here goes…

Living room

We recently had some new shelves fitted into some alcoves in our living room and while I have populated them with a few decorative items, both old and new, the next thing on my wish list is to get some nice home decor books up there.  In the age of the Kindle, we seem to be distinctly lacking in actual books these days! I absolutely love these agate stone book ends, so opulent and they’d be a real stand out feature on one of the shelves.



I work from home and the study is one of my favourite rooms. Largely white, we have one wall covered in a bold blue geometric print from Graham and Brown and in the new year we’ll be adding a navy occasional chair in an empty corner that we have.


This cushion will be the perfect fit.



Last but not least, the hallway.  Whilst a hallway is little more than a passage through to other rooms, it’s also the first part of your home that people see when they arrive and should never be resigned to being an after thought when it comes to styling your home. Often without windows, hallways can be dark and benefit from the addition of mirrors to bounce around any available light (and give yourself a quick once over before you leave the house). These pebble mirrors are available in gold or rose gold and a variety of shapes and sizes.  I really like the unevenness of them.

So that’s your lot my friends.  I hope my ideas have given you some food for thought for your own home or have been useful gift ideas for friends or family.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas in your happy homes.  Off to recharge the batteries now before the big day!



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