Fairy gardens to help your child’s imagination

Fairies, mermaids and gnomes are the perfect beings to get your child’s imagination going.
Did you know that these beings aren’t only seen in fairy tales? That’s right, you can see them in your very own backyard.

To lure these little creatures to your own garden, start by building your very own fairy garden.
And if you don’t have a garden, you could always make one in a flower pot in your home. Or add some doors here and there in your home.

Imagination and fantasy aren’t only a lot of fun for little children, it’s also very important for them. So help their imagination by building you very own miniature garden together. Or maybe, they’re not fairies at all, maybe your garden will be for gnomes or mermaids, or even dinosaurs.

If you’re stuck on how to build on, look no further, because I collected some amazing links for you to get you started. Get your own imagination working by following the links below.

You’ll find everything in this list what you’ll need, and it doesn’t matter which creatures are going to live in your garden.

You can find everything you need for this fairy garden at the dollar store

Making the allotment or garden a happy play place for children isnt hard work at all. Get them creating their own fairy garden from used tyres

Get an under the sea vibe with this adorable mermaid fairy garden!
A Fairy Worry Jar is a magical way to help kids find effective ways to cope with worries and anxiety.
Get the magic of fairies in your home with this little door for fairies.

Make this little door to invite fairies into your garden.

Still don’t know how to get started with your own miniature garden? Then this link might help you a bit further with step by step explanations on how to build your own fairy garden.
Go to Attachment mummy for more tips on how you can start building your own garden for the fairies.

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