Fall haircut craft for your toddler

Fall is (almost) here and so it’s time for fall crafts.

I saw that the first leaves, acorns and pine cones are already laying on the ground, so I started thinking about a fall craft my toddler can make with them.

One of the ideas I had was this fall hair cut craft using fall leaves from the forest.

Doesn’t my girl look cute with her new haircut made from fall leaves?

Fall craft

We went to the forest to collect all the leaves that we needed for this fall craft, some of them we already picked up from our way from kindergarten to home (kindergarten in Germany is nothing like what you have in the US).
We had a great time in the forest and my daughter decided we also needed some acorns and pine cones. When we came out of the forest, we had a bag full of fall finds to use for crafting. That means of course that this isn’t the only fall craft we’re going to make together.

The leaves we found didn’t take long to dry up as the weather is still good. But if it’s rainy where you are, lay the leaves near a heating to  let them dry up fast.


Fall craft materials

Before you start crafting with a  toddler, it’s best to have all the materials you need ready.

You see that little container? That’s how I let my toddler use glue. It’s a moist sponge with glue on it, she pushes a leave on it and pastes it on the paper. We use glue mostly like this, that way I don’t have the glue everywhere.

Step one, prepare the fall craft

Use the scissor to cut away the background and the hairs of your toddler, this is easier if the hairs aren’t on the face. But if there’s a bit of hairs in the face or on the shoulders, that’s not really a big problem.
When you have that done, use some glue to stick the photo to the card stock. You can use every color you want, but it looks best when it’s not that same color as the leaves. For this, we choose for white card stock and I glued the picture on it with a glue stick.

Glueing the leaves

Now your toddler can go ahead and stick the leaves on her head, the place where you cut off the hairs.

This works best with the leaves that are flat, but some curled leaves will look nice too.

This craft didn’t take long, which is perfect for the little ones that can’t sit still for a long time.


When your toddler is done, leave it laying flat until the glue is dried up, else the leaves will fall off again.
Hang it up in a place where everyone can see it so they can proudly show off their new haircut. Here, everyone who comes in has to look at it and tell my girl how beautiful it turned out.

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