Gift ideas for your 3-year-old toddler

It’s September, almost October already, so it’s time to think about gifts.
You 3 year-old might already be able to tell you what gift she wants. But she can’t tell you what she really what she needs.
It’s the time where you have to listen to your 3 year-old but still have to decide what you’re actually going to buy her.
I’m sure that your 3 year-old has gathered so many toys that you don’t even know what she has and what she doesn’t have.

But this can also help you, because the things you know or don’t know she has tell you what she really likes.

The things your little one likes to play with is where her interests lay, the things that are forgotten are what you shouldn’t buy. This might sound easy, but it can be really hard, maybe she doesn’t play with something because she doesn’t even know she has is.

In this post I will show you some great gift ideas for 3 year-olds, look at her interests to see what fits with your little one.
I’m also going to give you the links to Amazon so you don’t have to search for them anymore. You can just click the link and order them, this makes it a lot easier on you.

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Gift ideas for 3-year-olds

Dress up clothes

Dress up clothes are a great gift for 3 year-olds as it’s great for their imagination. You’ll see that your little on will have a great time pretending to be someone else.

Balance bike

A balance bike is fun and good for the development of your toddler.  It helps to develop balance and makes sure that your little one can burn their energy in a fun way.
This balance bike is made from wood which makes it even better.

Toy farm

This toy farm is great for the imagination and your little one can learn everything about the farm and the animals that live on it.
This toy farm is made from wood, folds up and has a handle so it’s easy to carry around.


Maybe you’ve never heard of this one before, but it’s amazing and my 3yo loves it.
They draw, practice number and letters or just watch as the little balls are pulled up.
The little pen has a magnet in it which pulls the little balls up, then you push them back with your finger to erase the drawing.

Personalized book

Books are good and fun for all ages. But a book that is personalized is even better.
This fairy tale is a great book to read at bed time and you can personalize it with the name of your little one.

Do you have a boy and rather have something else than a fairy tale? Then this personalized book about trucks might be more what you’re looking for.

Bath building pipes

A really fun toy for in bath, with pipes and gears to let the water run through.
Your toddler can use them individually or built a chain where the water can run through.

Play dough set

Play dough helps your little one to develop their fine motor and makes for hours of fun.
This set with the cute cow has 25 pcs, which includes some fun colors of play dough. And who doesn’t like a cute cow like this?

I’m sure your toddler will also love it and wants to play with it at the moment they unpack this gift.

Teepee tent

3 year olds love to crawl in cozy little spaces like this teepee tent. Add some pillows and you have the perfect reading nook for your little bookworm.

This teepee tent doesn’t only look great, it is great. It has a soft padded mat and is made from natural materials.
You get a bag with it and it’s easy to put up.

It’s a perfect gift for both boys and girls.


Piano with microphone

Do you have a little musician at home? Then this piano with microphone is the perfect gift.

It has multiple buttons, lights and some demo songs to get your toddler started. 

Do make sure to also buy batteries, as those are not included.

Knife set

Do you want your little one to start helping you in the kitchen? Or does your toddler already help you but you don’t want to give your sharp knives to her?
This knife set is sharp enough to cut vegetables and fruits, but is not as sharp as your knives. It also includes safety gloves to make the cutting even more safe.
Let’s also not forget those cute forks that come with this set. I’m sure your little one will love to help you in the kitchen with this gift.

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