The White House

I have so far neglected to introduce The White House to you.  Not THE White House of course, as currently occupied by some fairly important politician/world leader type person.  But our white house, the white house which inspired the creation of this blog really and the reason I’ll be gathering hundreds of interiors ideas in one place.

white house
The White House one (very sunny) day after we moved in.

This is the ‘heart’ house, the one which I walked into and then precisely one hour later put our house on the market to buy.  Mr HH was away on business, but it’s OK, I knew he’d love it (he does, by the way).

Like all good ‘heart’ houses, this one tugged at our heart strings for several months, with a big helping of stress, bad timing and uncertainty thrown in for good measure.  But if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.  A lot of people said that to me during the many anxious weeks of waiting; waiting to sell, waiting to find out if the owner would sell to us over the people who managed to sell their house before we did, waiting to see if we could get a whole chain of people to move at the same time (which, at the time, always seems about as likely as exchanging contracts on THE White House).

But they were right. And it was meant to be.

This is merely an introduction however. You’ll be hearing more about the white house in the coming weeks and months as we put plans into place for a major renovation (in fact, just the de-chintzing of the house will warrant at least one post all of its own).

For now, we’re happy to call this home.